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CJ Today

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fshman_165, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. fshman_165

    fshman_165 CJ Eye Hunter

    Got out at 6:15 am found some small eyes laying on the roadbed that runs into the gravel pit. We caught a few, then we pulled out to meet ITroll2 at the ramp at 7 . We caught a few more small ones, then decided to move north. We caught nothing but small eyes(11) We decided to jig the deeper water over the old railroad bed(south end of the lake) :) caught 7 nice keepers. One was 23 most of the others ran about 18-19 inches. We had to go to the lightest jig possible and still be able to feel a jig touch bottom in 24 ft of water, since there was no wind we got away with using 1/16 oz. That was the ticket. I did notice one heck of a bug hatch going on, this will account for the preference for smaller lure presentation. CJ traditionally is still a good lake during the bug hatch but you will get a slow down, this coupled with the recent high pressure that funks out the walleyes on this lake can make for a slower day. Hot, humid and consistant pressure patterns cause this lake to take off. Trollers were still poppin a few and I saw a guy net a 9+ lber today. NNNNice fish. He said that made up for his slower morning. I guess! :D
  2. itroll2

    itroll2 fishin IS heaven on earth

    no keepers 4 me 2day. managed 3 small eyes after that quick release. all on 1/4 0z. silver/black hotntots, very slow speed. thanks fshman 4 sharing another spot. i try not 2 take advantage but NEXT time i'm gonna follow u all day. anyway, nice lake. since fshman started tippin me off, i have not been shut out yet.

  3. can anyone tell me where CJ brown is at.I am from the east side of cincy.Thanks Daryl
  4. Just NE of Springfield. It's in Buck Creek State park on the maps.