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  1. Was out with Hot n tot last night and things have really slooooowed in the past week! We ended with 2 keepers and really had to work for them. They seem to be back to the finicky bite again ..by the time you feel them it's to late. We saw a couple of regulars and they were having the same problem 1 fish each. I think the cold front has slowed them...:confused:
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    i was out bass fishing thurs nite and it was really slow up untill the last hour or so. ended up with 4 largemouth and 6 smallies. biggest was a smallies tht would go around 2#. i was fishin in the green machine trying out my new motor.

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    I just got back. I fished all the usual places, North, Middle and elsewhere. Lost track of the number of 12 - 15 inch fish I caught in all locations. Somewhere around 25 or so. Only found one 16" keeper - threw him back. One other long-time regular caught 3 keepers and that was within about 10 minutes in one specific spot. I don't know of any other keeper fish today.

    A few of those short guys were popping it pretty well but it's mostly like eyeguy says - just a light tap and then they may or may not hold it for a few seconds. You have to have ESP and be quick. The water temp was down about 4 to 5 degrees since Sunday and I think that has affected things. A little stability should put them back on the feedbag. I'll be back on Sunday.

    See you out there.

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    Great just what I wanted to hear :(

    Just got my motor fixed at rip off martys/bergerts sorry if that offends anyone-if you want to hear a story pm me

    I'll be out saturday and sunday pray for me :)
  5. Had a similar day with a mixed bag (one nice cat)… NO keepers:( , best eye was a 14. I’ve got no stomach for the weekend madness out there … I’ll try again Monday
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    why a rip off at marts

    why a rip off at martys?

  7. Things picked up again fri. eve. We put 7 keepers in the boat, largest was a 20 and nothing smaller than a 17.with a few dinks. Got out this morning and things were pretty slow till around 9:00 and then it took off. We were off the lake by noon with 8 good ones.... had 3 that were 18+ ....caught 20 or so shorties also. Probably be out in the morning if the weather permits
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    Dang!!! I lost a shorty at the boat and that was it for walleyes
    Cuaght a nice gill trolling with a bb though!
    A friend of mine pulled 2
    be out this morn and maybe eve today
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    We got two keepers drifting between the road bed and the marina this morning.