CJ Shad for sale?

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  1. I know CJ if full of them and I do have a cast net, I just would rather pick some up - 1. because I just have a jon boat with electric motor that I dump in at the islands (still trying to replace my gas motor) and 2. I'd rather just get to the fishing instead of looking for the gulls and hunting for the schools of shad.

    The boat house use to sell them, but they don't anymore. What really struck me as odd is how rude they were when I asked if they knew of anyone else that sold frozen shad.

    Does anyone know of any local bait and tackle shops that might carry them? Hoping to hit the islands Friday night and want to throw a couple different options to cats.
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    i no walmart has whole shad in a bag not frozen... they are prolly 3in. long and sposed 2 be all bloody-hope that helps

  3. lol...of course Walmart sells shad, what was I thinking!

    At the original walmart, the one they replaced with kohls after building the super walmart, they actually had a BAIT VENDING machince at the entrance. Not sure how common this is but I never saw one before and laughed for a week :)

    I'd like to buy one of those and keep it in my garage, just for a laugh when the guys stop by to go fishing and I tell them we need to stop and buy bait. Then I walk over to the vending machine...
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    Yeah, I always thought it was a hoot that the vending machine sat right there facing west into the hot afternoon sun. I never tried the old machines but Wally World does have good crawlers inside for $2.88 per 2 dozen. Just make sure you check each box. I would patronize the local shops but it's gotten so you can't be sure when they will open. I got stuck once this year waiting until 6:30 for the Boat House to open. That's not going to happen again.

    See you out there.

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    There is a paylake at the end of old reid park, just around the corner from bait shop at C.J.

    Go around the curve and you'll see a sign for Beaver Lake, just follow the road to the end and the lake is on the left.

    They "usually" have frozen shad there. 324-1891 if you want to call them first.
  6. i don't know where CJ is relative to Hueston Woods, but I went to the spillway down there today to just see how it was and my god! I seen hundreds upon hundreds of shad both alive and dead. They were up to about 8-9 inches. You could easily nab as many as you wanted. Just thought I'd throw that out to ya
  7. Never buy shad at wally world. My buddy picked them up on his way to my house, and I swear they looked over a month old and slightly rotten. I almost slapped him. :D The crawlers were small too. He bought at the WM on 40 / main steet. The WM by the mall carries larger crawlers.

    Lots of IMs told me I should be able to catch of few in the islands. Hit the water at 8:30 and netted a dozen in first few minutes, although all catches for the night were on crawlers. Figures.

    Fished straight out from goose island 200yards. We tried to find the creek bed, but never hit water deaper than 7' and real pronounced drop offs. Might have needed to head out further. Water temp was 76 at 8pm and 74 by 1am when we headed in.

    My two buddy's caught 5 channels and 3 carp. I only managed a 2# channel. Bit was pretty slow and spread out all night. Two of the carp were easily 5+.

    Really nice night to be on the water with little breeze, but I think I need to change my OGF name now.

  8. hi there i was contacting you in regards if you still lokking for shad give me a call at 1740-586-3584 my name is Don thanks. i've got lots of shad forsale
  9. Any of the shops even open at daybreak 0500-0530, even on Sat.? I have'nt had any luck that early with any of them.
  10. We have cured shad at Amishoutfitters.

    4" to 6", 8" to 12", and bigguns up to 3 pounds.

    These are cured and frozen. Naturally they will arrive at your house thawed, but toss them in the freezer. It won't hurt them. They won't turn mushy.

  11. Several yrs ago had a cast net and managed to catch 60- 70 small (1- 1 1/2") shad. Wanted some bigger ones for cats, but used them under a slip bobber...the fish just TORE THEM UP ! Musta caught 30 fish that night...mostly BIG crappies...wish someone sold them locally!
  12. As far as I know, all the baitshops around CJ (Jakes, Boathouse, Lakeside Sales) don't open until 7. Jakes and the Boathouse both have a problem with opening at 7, sometimes it's 7:15 to 7:30. For early morning fishing you have to buy your minnows the night before and pray to the fish gods that you can keep 'em alive. Buy some "Bait Buddies" and use a good bubbler and you shouldn't have a problem.
  13. Where are you located?
  14. Try this; fill 2 2 liter plastic Coke or Pepsi bottles and freeze them. Buy your minnows, add 1/2 of the "bait buddy' tablet and place 1 bottle of ice in the bucket and store in a cool dark place; before you go to bed, put in the 2cnd 1, refreezing the other and adding the 2cnd 1/2 of the "bait buddy". Before you go fishing, switch them out again...have kept 3 doz minnows alive in the heat of the summer at night doing this many times to have early AM minnows...works like a charm! Also Beaver Paylake USUALLY has good crappie and bass minnows now 24/7 during the summer months...
  15. Litchfield, about 30 miles southwest of Cleveland