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    How has CJ been as of lately. Seems to me like the walleye fishing should be drastically improving as the water cools. Trying to get out somewhere here soon, but only for a day. Would love to get out and hit the old road bed with some jigs and nightcrawlers.

  2. Either that or someone got lost...
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    i would put it in the marketplace
  4. I fished Saturday and yesterday. Saturday was the better of the two. I had my daughter with me so it was sit and wait fishing. 3 crappie, 1 white bass and 3 perch mostly on hair jigs tipped with minnows. I thought I'd try for perch yesterday and only caught 1 fat 9"er. I ended up tossing it back since I didn't catch anything else worth keeping. Fished for bass for a while with just 1 missed bite. Tossed a jig around the humps for a bit with no takers. There wasn't many boats out either day. Water temps were 53 degrees in the main lake and 56 in the no wake zone yesterday.
  5. I fished it Sunday from daylight till noon. Tried jigging spoons and vibes all over the lake with only 2 crappie and one bluegill. Had some minnows left from a trip to IL on Sat so I set up on the humps and tried jigging them. Caught one cat and a dozen crappie, all small. Haven't caught a walleye the last 3 trips. Think this was my last to CJ for the year.