CJ Monday evening

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  1. Went out after work, fished from 5:30 to 8:30. Stopped biting around 7:30. Caught several short fish and two 18". Hot orange was the jig color. I noticed they seemed to prefer it over chartreuse on Sunday, didn't catch any on chartreuse tonight. Also finally cuaght one on a spoon. About a 7" fish on a 3 inch 3/4 oz spoon. Guess it had a big appetite, I felt it hit the spoon two or three times before it got hooked.
  2. for those that are jigging, are you vertical jigging while anchored, or drifting?

    Anchoring scanoe in windy, choppy conditions scares the begeezes outta me, so I've been drifting, which has produced squat...

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    The ideal situation is to set up with a good trolling motor to keep you where you want to be. Drifting is often a problem because the fishy areas are not necessarily where the drift will take you. A five gallon bucket on a line will help slow a drift if you don't have a drift sock, which I'm assuming you don't. Anchoring is OK if you try to be careful and not scare the fish too much and don't hook into your own line. It also obviously limits your mobility if you are looking for active fish. There is such a thing as conditions that are simply too windy or rough. You have to make that call yourself depending on your boat. If it's too rough just call it a day and wait 'til the next time.

    See you out there.

  4. Was out to the lake last night from 5:30-9:00...same ole song, had a nice fish on within the first 5 min and lost it half way up to the boat. I landed a
    14 3/4 around 8:15 and that was it...I did see Troy Dave out again last night and also saw him leave around 7:30 or so---he must have been having the same kinda night as I did.... Gonna give it another shot this eve....
  5. Caught an even dozen, all 10 to 13 inch. The highlight of the evening was almost getting run over by a sailboat. I was anchored and saw it comming from a ways away and figured it would turn. Was busy tying on a new jig, heard some jingling and water splashing, looked up and it was 3ft away. It was a fair size boat too, at least 5 or six times the weight of my boat. The guy apologized, said he was watching another boat going into the marina.
  6. Went out this morning from 7am-2pm

    Caught 4 eyes 11-14.75 inches (I tried to stretch him, but didn't make it)

    Green and Orange Metallic Fireball Jigs

    How do you get the big ones to bite?! ;)
  7. Hey, if you get it figured out you better share your secret!!! I have tried everything---had pretty good luck over the weekend, but probably was a fluke!!:confused:
  8. Can anyone give out a little info on fishing CJ for the Walleye. How are jigs rigged (twister with crawler??) Also I have looked at topo maps and it doesn't seem to have the structure I'm used to fishing for the toothy ones. Just a little general info would give me a starting point. Thanks in advance...
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    duckhound, your best bet would be to search some of the posts I have done for the past two years. I've pretty much spilled it all and nothing has changed. You'll find several other guys who have said quite a bit about C.J. too. One point, you don't need a twister tail. Just use 1/2 night crawler on a 1/8 to 1/16 oz jig.

    I was out with eyeguy tonight from 6:00 to 9:00. We pulled five nice Walleyes ranging from 17 to 21 inches. Only 2 short fish came into the boat plus one "quick release." Firetiger, Pink, and Green were the preferred colors. We both missed MANY, MANY bites. Very light biting going on tonight. Often the smaller fish hit harder than the bigger ones. I would venture a guess that some of you guys are getting bit without even knowing it. Until you've had it happen several times it's hard to believe what a light tap on the line is delivered by a 4 or 5 pound Walleye.

    I'll be back out on Friday morning. I'll let you know...

    See you out there.

  10. 5 KEEPERS!?!!? Nice!

    Did the storm blow through?

    I know I missed a few fish this morning when I went. Lift the jig off the bottom and feel tic, tic, tic on the line and then nothing... Maybe I'll start using stingers on my jigs.

    Do you think braided/no stretch lines are better to feel the bite/set the hook?
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    BlueBoat98 Where's Waldo?

    Stingers are for weenies. I only ever use them on Erie and then I usually hook on the big hook anyway.

    Your problem is the tic, tic, tic... The answer is tic - set hook! You often only get one bump on a jig. The fish inhales it and exhales it just that quickly. Other times they inhale and you don't even feel it until you lift the rod. Then they open their mouth and are gone. Of course, in some cases you'll get more than one chance but it pays to be ready on the first touch.

    Yes, I'm a big fan of SpiderWire Stealth for jigging. I feel everything, rarely snag and when I do it usually comes off more easily. Other guys love Mono and feel just as strongly about it.

    The storm put on a light show but it was always pretty far from us. We sat through a couple of raindrops and then it was fine again.

    See you out there.

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    Tried the jig thing at CJ, but didnt have much luck for walleye, did catch some WB. Trolled and my son caught his first CJ walleye (14 inch) on the humps. Got off the water when we saw lightning. Going to try again Friday. What weight jig are people using? I may just use bottom bouncers and worm harness. Does that work?
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    I don't like trolling with bottom bouncers and have never done well when I tried it. I'm pretty much addicted to jigging just like others like trolling. The rule of thumb for jigging out there is to go as small as you can get away with and still "feel" the bottom. I very rarely go above 1/8 oz. On at least two occasions I have caught Walleyes over 5 pounds on a 1/32 oz jig. Also, don't use over 1/2 a crawler or they will just pull on the tail and leave you with nothing.

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    How do you hook the 1/2 a crawler on a small jig. On Erie, we sometimes hook 1/3 - 1/2 a crawler once thru the middle which imitates a mayfly larva and often works well.
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    I just thread it on through the broken end. I like a nice fat tail on the jig. If it's two inches long, that's enough.

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    :confused: i have heard and also seen... perch from CJ? has any1 caught any? where did u catch them even if at all? thanks in advance...
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    The Perch in C.J. are mostly good for feeding the Waldos and stealing bait from jigs. Eyes over 20 inches or so will often puke one up in the livewell. Put a worm and a small hook on the bottom pretty much anywhere and you'll catch Perch. If you find one over 8 inches long, call the newspaper.

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    haha i figured there were some in there...