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  1. Can anyone tell me the condition of the ice on the lake? I have another boat and can't wait to get it on the water. Any ideas when the ice will be off?
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    On Sunday, 2-15-09 the lake's west end through the middle area appears to be free. Near the docks and the east end the ice was still present and would make it nearly impossible to get to the main lake from the new docks. My guess is after this weeks warming trend you will be good to go. Good Luck!

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    I was there yesterday my plans were to take my oldest Grandson fishing so I slipped by to check it out before we went.

    Launch ramp and in front was soft, the rest of the lake from the corner of the beach area to the Marina to the campground was frozen big time, no way to get to the main part of the lake, Josh was disappointed but he knows there will be another time...........Doc
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    was there yesterday afternoon/evening fishing in the marina area... ice was around 2.5-3 inches and it covered from the boat ramp all the way over to the campground area...

    we only caught around 10 bluegill and crappie... nothing bigger than 6"
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    Good to hear you've got another boat
    I still have your cell number from WWAAAYY back
    Hope to see ya on the water or hook up this year