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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Catfish Hunter 14, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Catfish Hunter 14

    Catfish Hunter 14 Misplaced Wolverine

    I plan to go catfishin' at CJ. Anyone have and tips on where to fish or what bait to use? Just picked up a boat and will be fishing from that. Any help would be great, only been to CJ once before and that was for crappie/walleye with no luck, just a 5lb channel on a crappie rig
  2. monsterKAT11

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    if you fish there at dusk fish the north side of the lake up next to the islands. i've heard cut shad works wonders there but i've never had a hit on it. we use chicken liver or shrimp

  3. Catfish Hunter 14

    Catfish Hunter 14 Misplaced Wolverine

    You think bottom fishing or bobber? I will try the liver and shrimp. Thanks for the info. Was thinkin about maybe get some bluegills to try out as well
  4. Dont profess to be much of a catfisherman but in the spring I had some luck in the back around the island on cats 1 1/2 up to 6lbs casting a small shad colored Rattle trap. Yeah, you heard the right casting a small Rattle trap. They were hitting it as hard as a bass would. It was crazy.

    I have also cut alot of catfish unintentionally just drifting nightcrawlers on small weight forward spinner rigs.

    Can you jug fish around those islands?? Might be a good idea if legal.
  5. i have caught some nice 2 3 lb eating sizes in the creek on smashed bass minnow if u fish there throw along the edge of the seaweed the hang out in there waiting for bluegills and stuff
  6. Flathead King 06

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    LOL seaweed in CJ Brown, what next? :p Im just messing with ya, we all know its just moss and aquatic plant growth

    Anyways.... I live right in New Moorefield which is right in the headwaters of CJ, and right on Buck Creek. The north end of the lake tends to hold both the majority and the biggest cats in the lake... and nothing works better that cut shad or chicken livers... my suggestion is to fish on the bottom, due to how shallow that area is (around the islands it gets quite shallow) at night also....