CJ cat.

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  1. Had a few hours to kill so I went crappie fishing at CJ.. No crappies but did catch this nice channel on ultra light with 4 pound line. Put up a heck of a fight. Sorry for the pic but it was the best I could get......Dan
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    4 lb. line that must of been a heck of a fight! i think that channels pound for pound put up a better fight than a shovelhead. nice fish:)

  3. Thanks!! I had just put on the 4 pound line this morning because I had heard the crappies were coming back into the marina. Its really my daughter's pole but I decided to use it because all my other poles have 6 to 10 pound line. Glad I did use hers though :) Great fight......Dan
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    So I guess there were no crappies? ;)
    Awesome channel cat to say the least!
    The only thing that ticks me off is trolling you hit one and ya think ya got a monster eye ;)
    Good Job!
    CYA Out There