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CJ Brown

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bmffishing247, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. bmffishing247

    bmffishing247 Fishing Is Life!

    Just wondering if anybody has been by there and seen what it looks like. i know they were talking about adding the new docks this year but i don't know if they were going to go through with it or not just curious. the new docks they are going to be installing sound like they are going to be nice.

  2. Nothing was done to the ramps @ CJ.

  3. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    I don't believe anything will ever be done to the docks at the Brown... I'll believe it when I see it..
  4. BlueBoat98

    BlueBoat98 Where's Waldo?

    I agree with Chuck P. Actually, the ramps themselves aren't nearly as bad as the knuckleheads who have no skills or courtesy while launching/loading. There are people who go out there on Sunday afternoons just to watch the show. Every week is a new adventure.

  5. I have been witness to many unconventional boat/tow vehicle combinations at CJB that had me laughing while I was trying my best to get the heck out of the way before the disaster. Watched a couple sinkings (forgot plug). I was nice enough to let a couple guys borrow my spare plug, pointed out my truck and told them to put it in the bed of my p/u when they left. Not to my surprise, they kept it.

    Noticed last time I drove out there that only one section of either dock was still present. I bet there are either new ones or none at all, lest the others have been located and floated/dragged back to the landing.

    Bad thing of people coming out to watch, they park their dang cars either in the handicapped spot or one of the first several spots. If they don't have a boat, they could at least park away from the chaos rather than be part of it.
  6. Same docks are still there but not in the water yet. I spoke with a Lady @ the park office she said it was on hold because they didn't have enough $$. They have the plans but that is the only thing stopping it. I was thinking maybe they might be able to finally do it with the $ they'll be getting with these fees but like the others I'll believe it when I see it ! One thing they can do anyways is fix the docks they have! They're in bad shape the courtesy dock had a bunch of freaking nails sticking out ,another one had bolts sticking out ! :eek:
  7. I sure wish they would open a path to the public to launch at the ramps located on the far northeast side of the lake. Nicely located ramp for fishermen with no access???? I feel like that would help reduce the traffic at the main 4 lane ramp.

    I've even tried putting my little boat in from the gravel lane accessed from Redmond Rd. Too shallow even for a small rig - I had my truck 60 ft off bank with my boat trailor attached and it never got any deeper than a couple feet. Had to give up before I got my truck hung up in the mud!
  8. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack


    Amazing all the different stories we hear about this, the last word I heard was that the project was appoved the bids were awarded, then the state postponed the project, now it is tied up in court because the bids that were awarded the state is trying to make the contractors do the job for the same amount of money that was bidded back better than 3 years ago.

    I wouldn't look for anthing this year because it's too late now they would have to really drop that lake to build a new ramp, I do agree with you they need to fix what is currently there, I have some nice digs in my boat from those protruded nails and angle irons hanging off of the docks.

    Fish-N Fool........Yep our tax dollars at work that is a nice ramp and dock back on the North end but no freakin road to get to it, it has been there since day one........Doc
  9. Doc, I agree, who knows what is going on. I wish/hope they repair those docks. A buddy & I went out today, we fished along the spillway for Walleye w/ no luck so went to marina to try & catch a couple crappie also a no go but we marked a TON of bait inside the marina! I think I might have to try some cranks @ night for Wallleye, I wouldn't be surprised if some of those big cats are in there also ;) ( Water temp was 37-38 degrees )