CJ Brown walleye tournament

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  1. Does anyone know the results of the tournament held Sunday?

    All Thumbs
  2. 1st went to Bill Maynard and his partner with 9lbs+, big fish money that went 7lb+, 2nd went to Brian Bowen & Tommy ? with 7.02, 3rd was Jon Mahar and myself with 6.56 lbs there were only 12 boats that entered...2nd & 3rd brought in all 6 fish to weigh but we struggled with only 15' fish..The Boat House sure puts on a nice tourney with nice door prizes and great food (Fish Fry) after the tourney!! Sure was a great day on the lake for Oct. with quite a few fish caught

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    Well good for Bill, he puts in alot of time, let me guess crawler harness
  4. I'm not sure what they were draging, but they were trollin..:B