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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am thinking about fishing CJ this weekend, does anyone know the water temps ? Are the crappies shallow yet ? Has anyone had any luck on the 'Gators yet ? Hey , Blue Boat , you having any luck yet ? Have you heard if Rick has done any good yet ? I caught some very nice black & white crappies last weekend at Indian . Had them for dinner tonight , wow was they good !!End of April last year ,my daughter and I just hammered the big crappies @ CJ, hopefully that will happen this weekend ? We caught them shallow and deep, we will see. Any CJ info I will appreciate .

    Keep fishin, :B
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    I know the crappie have been moving up into the marina area and the breakwalls the past couple of days and weeks... but it's nothing big... 5-7" is all I have seen being caught right now... and for eyes.... I have heard of several people catching them... but I dont know anything else than that