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CJ Brown report

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Doctor, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. Doctor

    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    Well went out to the lake this morning for a couple of hours, caught 6 dinks again off the trees, the Shad are feeding on the mud flats on the North end of the lake in about 5 foot of water, Lance stopped by to say hi when he saw one of my rods go down, a 1/2 pounder, never even knew he was on there, gulls and the Cormants are going nuts back there on the Shad, the lake is green with algae so the Shad are fat and nice with green goo, the perfect cutbait, target the mud flats and the shallow gravel flats on the North end should get you some fish, along with the rail roadbed, some are hanging on the road but most are along the edge, today I saw a lot of Walleye right along the edge of the rail bed near the mud....good Luck...........Doc
  2. Doc -

    I fished fished that area around the trees until noon and only caught 1 dink.
    I moved over to the rock pile and positioned my boat southeast of the island about 30 yards. I had to use my troller to get in there as the water was only about 1.5 feet deep. There's some good wood in the water on the east side of the rock ledge and I could see the cats rolling on shad in there. From 12:15 until 2:30 I boated 8 more from 19''-29'' and had 2 break me off! They were running with the baits HARD - I almost lost a rod out of the boat. The action was unreal and it was tough trying to watch 2 poles. The last run was on a pole that only had about 100 feet of line on it (Already broke off 1 that day). It hit hard and I let it run to hook itself, but it never stopped - It spooled my reel until the line was out and broke it off instantly!

    A large pontoon hung around a couple hundred yards out in deeper water and watched me catch a few fish before running off. I also caught a 23'' fish that had his dorsal fin clipped some time in the past and a huge boil under his lower lip. It looked to me as if somebody may have used this guy for bait when he was a yearling and he got away.

    All 9 fish were caught on fresh cut shad and released in good health.

    Thanks again for the extra shad and as always the wealth of info.


  3. Scarletfisherman

    Scarletfisherman Catch & Releaser

    Doc & Fish_N_Fool;

    Went to the same area on Friday afternoon. Lots of shad activity and saw Doctor fishing. I made my way back to the 1.5 FOW area using trolling motor. The wind died and so did the fishing. Caught a 5.5# channel and 3 dinks in three and a half hours. The 5.5#er was really fun in the shallow water, as he took line several times. I was fising with medium spinning rod and 6# ironsilk line. Moved to the roadbed and caught six more in the next 3 hours ... couple 2.5#, mostly pounders. All catch and release. Wind was hit or miss, but a great evening on the lake. Did you know that you can hear the Springfield North football games on the lake on Friday nights?
  4. Scarletfisherman,

    Actually that was the Kenton Ridge highschool football game you heard. North Highshcool is way too far to hear their game. Kenton Ridge is only a 2-3 mile bird's fly from the Islands, so you can hear the band pretty clearly and some of the announcing from the islands.

    I bet you thought hearing the game was pretty cool, huh??? Try livin in the area!!! It can get kind of annoying after 20-25 yerars... :D I live less than a mile from KR, so its even louder at my house.

  5. Scarletfisherman

    Scarletfisherman Catch & Releaser


    Thanks for the clarification. I thought they said "Bellefontaine" had scored, but was told it was Springfield North. I truly understand living near a stadium, as I had an apartment in France right next to the soccer stadium with all the chanting and horn blowing. You couldn't concentrate or go to bed until after the games! :eek:

    So now I know who to root for on Friday nights! :D