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Well we caught fish but just dinks, like 12 of them nothing over 2#, the lake is coming up as the hump back in the back is almost under water, where the big fish are I haven't got a clue, I'm thinking maybe that they are way back in the back in very shallow water I know the Shad are back there.

I caught Shad in the marina, one throw, cool.

Josh now has a catfish under his belt, reeled it in with the help of Dad and was a little leary of it but we have started him off right, by the time he is 8 he will know all of Grandpa and Grandma's tricks, i'll post pictures later.

All and all beaufiful day to be on the water, tad cool at times but as always had a great time, maybe taking Lynn's Dad out tomorrow.

The water temp is still only 51* and the water is crystal clear, good flow coming in from Buck Creek...........Doc
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