CJ Brown Report 4-18-04

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    Larry, Josh and grandpa went out for a couple of hours tonight on Cj Brown, the wind was rippin but we decided to go out, 3 footers were crankin when we headed back to the North end, Larry got us shad in 3 foot of water so we were ready, anchored down thru out and a line went down in no time and Josh grabs the reel and starts crankin,
    big fish papaw, big fish, nice 4 pounder,
    turns around and does it again this time it's a pounder, but again big fish papaw, big fish, now we have to fill the livewell so he can keep track of his catch, and that's all we ended up with just two fish, had a blast, the wind just never let up, wish we had got out earlier cause I think we could have caught a bunch, so Dad got the fish out of the livewell and Josh released them back into the lake to be caught again, I may go in the morning before I have to go to work.

    At 2.5 years old and he already knows how to crank a 6500, I figure by 5 years old Larry will have him throwing the things as good as Grandpa, shouldn't be too much longer and my Grandaughter Star will be out on the boat, she already knows how to handle shad out of the tank, she will pick them up and hand them to Grandpa.

    Grandkids are great and it is so much fun watching them get excited on the boat, memories are great.

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    Glad to see josh got to catch some fish. It wont be long and he will be fishing tournys with you. :D Tell josh i said nice job on the catfish.