CJ Brown Report 10-2-04

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Doctor, Oct 2, 2004.

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    Being on call for the shop limits my fishing so Lynn's Dad and I headed to CJ Brown for some cattin action, wind was crankin out of the west so we stopped at the roadway just past the bouy's and marked Shad threw the net Boom, we got bait, 3 dozen

    So headed to the east side of the lake and set-up, boy they are dropping the lake fast, this bush was in the water last Thursday.


    Never got a hit after 15 min. so we pulled up and headed for the roadbed


    It is located between the hands last week I anchored on top of it and it showed 4 foot deep, it was just laying under the water as I could see it to drop the anchor on the west side of it and anchored up, got two quick hits, Oh yea, we are going to get some fish now, NOT.......the shop calls and I have to go to work, major bummer, just found fish and I get called in to work, so I'm going to be back out there tomorrow afternoon and give it another try, hopefully they will leave me alone, water temperature on the North end is 68 degrees, so it is headed down, this should turn the fish on bigtime out there............Doc
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    good luck doc... :) just dont get stuck out there.. :p

  3. I know what you mean Doc. I'm on call to and they never call when your not doing anything and would mind going in. It seems they only call when you got something going on. :mad: