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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Doctor, Sep 13, 2004.

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    Went out and talked to them today about the new ramp that was supposed to get built 5 years ago, they keep putting it off with a different excuses each year, but things are starting to look real good so far, last year they didn't have the paperwork done, well I guess it is completed, they said the Corps will lower the lake about 4 foot in November which is normal for the winter pool then they are going to drop it an additional five feet to construct the new ramp and break wall, the city is also going to construct there addition of the bike path to tie into Buck Creeks that was built this past spring.

    For those that fish this lake this is a much needed improvement they need a bigger ramp but more so need more courtesy docks so the main ramp is not getting tied up all the time, not sure if the people will even use the docks as I was getting ready to load my boat Sunday, docked it at the courtesy dock went and got the truck, put the trailer in the water, walked over to get the boat when I see a guy tie up right behind the trailer. I was in no hurry so just decided lets see what happens, sure enough the guy comes down there with his trailer and starts honking the horn, asks me if that was my red truck, said yep, I'm waiting on a guy to move his boat so I can put my boat on the trailer, he said well that is my boat right behind your trailer, if you would get your rig outta the way I can put my boat on the trailer. I walked away shaking my head, got on my boat and staged it, the guy got all wacked out of shape started hollering about what kind of jerk I was and that I should learn proper dock ettiquite, said you guys and all your fancy rigs think you own this lake, well enough was enough, the Fishyguy in me came out and I said if you would open your eyes instead of your mouth you would have seen my trailer was already in the water, move your boat and I'll be gone, so he did, what was amazing was I put my boat on the trailer, had everything lashed downdown, put all my stuff away, threw away trash, talked to another guy that watched the whole scene unfold and the guy still hadn't put the boat on the trailer, glad I'm real patient when it comes to dealing with people........Doc
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    Patience is truly a virtue and you definately have it. :D Me thinks the guy should have apologized for his little rant, but after thinking about how you handled the matter, he should have licked his little wounded ego all the way home. Nice shot. :D

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    Thanks for the ramp info Doc.

    You handled that guy at the ramp with extreme patience. I fish there almost every other weekend and have seen it all. Worst one this year was a guy trying to put his boat in, he had it about 3 feet from water and then his trailers (the kind that tilts) bolt broke that holds it in place so his transom hit about 3 feet from the water. Luckily the boat was small enough that a few guys could pick it back up, while another guy tied the trailer together. Did not discourage the guy with the boat, he put in and took off. Dont know if he had any problems as I was putting out when all this took place. I know when I heard that boat hit the pavement, my stomach sank......Stretch
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    Jeez.... LOL i dont know if i want to have me a boat now or not :eek:
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    Oh man.......
    that's too funny !!
    I was hoping you were going to say after you were lashed down the guy came back & apologized to you. :rolleyes:
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    It never ceases to amaze me, even after all these years. I can't count the times that I courtesy docked and got jacked at the ramp as I was backing my trailer in. I tend to be less patient with the ramp jackers, and have verbally blistered quite a few :D A simple dose of common sense :rolleyes: and a boating course would help most of the jackers. This is the main reason I avoid CJ on the weekends, too many clueless pleasure boaters and not enough ramp.
  7. Doctor, I hope your right they need new ramps bad but I spoke with a lady working at the park office & she said it was a no go due to not having money! I hope she is wrong! GOOD LUCK & GOOD FISHIN!! Jonboat
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    The money was appoved three years ago, been waiting on the paperwork for two years now, bids and all that stuff, as with any state stuff they have more excuses than Carter has pills.:D ...Doc
  9. Cool , they need them bad, the courtesy docks have freaking nails sticking out of them! Maybe they could post a sign with boat ramp rules & etiqutte I've seen them at other parks. My friend worked out ther last year & seen the plans ,he said it looked very nice! The breakwall will be nice to esp. in the summer when we get alot of westerly winds . Hear of anyone catching Walleye lately? GOOD LUCK & GOOD FISHING!!! Hotntot
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    You think CJ is busy on the weekends now what do you think it would be like if they put more ramps in. A real zoo! More ramps will just make more boaters on CJ, not a good idea as far as I'm concerned.
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    Very true, yea it will bring more boaters, I mainly will fish during the weekdays, I stay away on the weekends unless the river is blown out, really I just wish they would put a roadway back to the ramp on the North East end of the lake, it has been there since day one and has never been used, good ramp, concrete dock, no roadway to get there, I really think they might build another one at the campgrounds, they just built another swim and beach area for the campers so I figure they will be putting in a ramp for them in the near future.......Doc