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CJ Brown question

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by HawgDawg, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Buddy and myself are going to hit CJ Weds. for some bass...never been there before and wondering if the fish are biting and what will the boat traffic be like during a week day?
  2. A fish Ohio smallie was taken off the marina wall back in April by OGF member. I often see bass fisherman hitting the bank near the fish attractors by the ramp. I have seen a few bass fisherman up on the north end, but I don't know how the y do.

    Traffic on a weekday will include ~ a dozen guys fishing for walleyes depending on the day, plus a couple pleasure boats until the afternoon, then all bets are off between 3-8pm, it can get fairly busy, but not weekend busy.

    Busy isn't necessarily a bad thing if you are fishing North of the no wake zone, however I don't know if there are ay bass up there.

  3. Thanks for the is much appreciated!!!! I'll stop back by afterwards and report in. If you or anyone from OGF are out there Weds morning and see a grey Ranger with a guy in the back of the boat wearing a Blue Jackets hat, swing by and say howdy! :D