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CJ BROWN history

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Nightprowler, Jun 19, 2007.

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  3. For those of us who were fishing CJ in the early years, I think we can all say it's come a long, long way. You only went to CJ to fool around, not to seriously fish. Indian Lake, Rocky Fork, and St. Mary's were the go-to lakes that I remember back in the 70's. I believe CJ is right in the thick of things and has surpassed some of the others. Especially in regards to water quality.
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    I certainly have mixed feelings about the Corps of Engineers. We have some great lakes because of their work but their priorities are rarely in line with the sportsmen. It seems they would rather drain a wetland than preserve it for wildlife or pave over an area instead of leaving it as a meadow. There are some awesome Bass and Crappie in C.J. even as a "bathtub" with added telephone poles. Just imagine if they had left the natural cover as they should have done. I think they just have a big list of rules, like most bureaucracies, and never deviate from them no matter what the consequences for nature. This may start an argument but what the heck. The fishing is slow on C.J. right now. We might as well discuss something.

  5. It seems the pattern is to destroy a good thing and then spend our money to bring it back to life. Kinda like what happened to Lake Erie and will happen to St. Mary's. But I won't complain too much about CJ and the Corps. Even when it's slow. It'll pick up. There's a lot of good fish in there. They could be a little confused from the odd spring.
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    Plus I figure dropping that lake down 13 foot to build the new ramp had to have an impact on the fish, it took away half the lake from them, maybe a couple of years it will straighten up granted I don't target baitfish like the rest of's just an inside joke anybody that attended my catfish seminar knows what I'm talking about but the catfishing wasn't near as good this past spring so I figure it will take a few years to get back, all in all CJ is pretty good lake and I agree if they would have left house foundations and all those trees in there that would have made a big difference, but when you build the main portion of the lake on top of a golf course it's gonna be flat and round like a bowl, my father was so upset back when they announced they were going to convert his favorite golf course into an underwater world, Man he was mad, maybe thats why we sat on the hillside and watched them bulldoze everything down,he always seem to make it a picnic for us kids, just sit behind the fence and watch them work, plus there was a couple of years where they had run out of money and just stopped doing anything to that lake.............Doc