CJ Brown fishing report..5-27-08 Fast and Furious

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    Had the day off today so was going to fish this morning but it was raining, looked at the radar after noon and looked Ok even though the clouds were low so loaded everything up and headed out, launched and got bait one throw against the wall two dozen Shad, got halfway across the lake and the sky opened up, Luke and I got soaked to the bone, Man that rain was cold and the wind was blowing about 20 miles an hour, by the time I got anchored down the rain and wind had quit but I was already soaked, but it did it hard two more times while I was out there but I had the Bimini up by then, fished from 2pm till 4:30pm and the bite was awesome, catfish after catfish, total catch 27 seven were 8# all the rest were a mixture of 1# to 7#, broke the tip off a Quantum Big Cat rod so was only using one rod, this was the best day this year on CJ, most of the males heads are swelled up big time but the water temp is only 65 degrees, they didn't play with the bait just dropped the bobber solid almost always right after it hit the water, didn't even get a chance to put the rod in the holder, what a blast, I'll post pictures after supper,my best fish was a 5# Carp that hit cut Shad suspended 4 foot below a Doc Bobber, thought it was a Blue as it took off like an F-16 Luke does not care for a carp barks at them like crazy, he licks the catfish.

    [​IMG] here's Luke checking out an 8# Channel cat.


    This is what it looked like most of the time I was out there sun did come out for a short time, my bobber was in 1 foot swells out on the lake the bobber is Blue and is in the center of the picture, generally I don't do well with a North wind but today was a exception, was fishing to the right of Goose Island in 4.5 foot of water and allowing the bobber to drift cut Shad suspended under it three foot it was rolling right over top of a gravel bar.....Doc
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    nice report doc!! thanks!!

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    Nice cat
    I was there yesterday and couldnt get a bite
  4. Nice report Doc! I hope the bite stays on throught he weekend for all of us. I fished Channels on the GMR on Sunday AM and only had 1 take down in 4 hrs ( 4 rods) it was pitiful.

    I assume the lake is at summer pool now?