CJ Brown fishing report..4-18-08

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    Doctor CJ Cat Attack Pack

    Hit the water around noon, tough to find bait but it was back at Goose Island, little stuff I wanted bigger but settled for what I got, good wind and had a good bite about 3 hours of fishing, pulled 7 Cats and a Carp, biggest Cat went 5 pounds the Carp was 6 pounds and ripped the clicker on the reel thought I had a Blue on, all fish came from the old railroad bed on the North end in 2 foot of water, the gulls were thick back behind Goose island but the water is too thin for me to get back there in my boat, never saw any signs of the White Bass yet, great day to be on the water, Luke has adapted well to staying in the boat as he never chased anything today, but he was cocked and loaded for action if I would have give him the go ahead, water was 58° on the North end main lake was 55°, sun was hot out there so put the top up so Luke and I would stay cool, I have pictures of the Cat and Carp I'll post to this thread tomorrow, Larry and Josh and I are headed for the Ohio and fishing a tournament.................Doc