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  1. A buddy and I fished for cats Saturday night. We caught 14 but only kept 6. The biggest one was about 15". We were wondering if anyone could help us out. We are looking for BIG cats. Could someone point us in the right direction for some heavy cats at CJ Brown? Thanks.

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    congrats on the fish. What were you using for bait and how/where were you fishing?

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    I have mainly been using cut Shad that I get at the wall or the marina, have been working from the road bed that crosses over to the campgrounds at an angle and drifting bait suspended under my Doc Bobbers, going over that line of tree stumps in the North end working all the way back to Goose Island then drift back again on the same pattern, not picking up the Brutes this year biggest has been 12# but I am getting a lot of the 6# and up size fish, bobbers are drifting about 50 yards behind the boat, they have been real fond of Shad heads this year along with whole Shad, have never tried any live becuase of Walleyes coming up and busting the live Shad.

    When the wind is up and cranking then you can anchor down, I like in front of Goose Island christmas trees and a big gravel bar are located there, there is also a major gravel hump to the left of Goose Island back to where Buck creek runs into the lake.

    Over the years I have been fishing staying on the move is the ticket if you don't get a fish in fifteen move around, there are a bunch of spots back there, spring is the best time but because they lowered the lake to build the new ramps it has messed up the spring run, I figure 09 or even 10 will be the best years out there.

    There is a ton of the young of the year in that lake as with so many Shad in the compound they will grow fast, BlueCats are very numerous in the lake also so you can target them, plenty of Flatheads but they mainly hang around the stump areas because of lack of cover on the North end.

    Give me a holler if you need more information on CJ Brown Cats............Doc
  4. I was using crawlers...my buddy swore on chicken livers. We also tried using a little bluegill. We didn't catch anything with it though. A majority of the fish caught were caught on crawlers. I am not sure exactly where we were fishing. It was my first time at CJ Brown. We caught 3 carp and a couple bull pout also.
  5. caught a small yellowish cat on the east side north of the dam, was fishing the little points off the bays there. caught it on a white spinnerbait, it hit hard in 8 ft of water, what kind was it? thanx:confused:
  6. I am not sure what kind of cats. I think maybe channel cats...but don't quote me on it.
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    If it was "yellowish" it was almost certainly a Yellow Bullhead. There is nothing yellow about a Channel or Blue. I suppose some Flatheads look a little yellow but a "small" one is pretty unlikely.

  8. thanx MC, and did it have a fat belly on it too
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    You hoser Blaze!! Yeah, we hooked a few bullhead. Along with 2 normal carp, 1 mirror carp, and a handful of smaller channel cats with the biggest being about 16" or so. One of them had crawfish remains in the belly, just in case anyone is curious.
  10. how deep are you normally fishing doc?planning on spending more time there this year because of fuel prices,any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I run my baits normally about halfway down the water column if fishing those tree stumps then I try to run the baits right on top of them they lay in about 8 foot of water, back near goose the water is about 4 foot deep so I go 2 foot under the bobber I'm running 3-6 ozs under those bobbers so that they will stand straight up, the cats will come up under them and the bobber will lay over then it is gone, I'm trying to drift at about .50 mph or less GPS leaves a good blood trail in the water cause I mark where I catch fish and run right back over it on the second drift, the biggercats will take the bobber and run them like "Jaws" did with the yellow barrel, it's wild fishing............Doc