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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FINN, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Going to take the boat to CJ Brown on thursday, last trip before the boat gets put away for winter, and I need your advice. What speed should i troll at or should i troll? whats working best and any kind of advice will be helpful.

  2. Ive never had much luck trolling, possibly because I get bored with it. I would try jigging spoons or vibes. Try along the edge of the gravel pit or the deeper humps off the campground on the deep water side. I have not had a lot of luck this late in the year at CJ. Occasionally had some nice catches but few and far between.

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    Finn: I like to go slow when trolling...just fast enough to make your lure look natural. Let a few feet of line out for a test and watch your lure. If it looks natural and working well, then you have found the right speed. If it doesn't look natural, then speed it up or slow it down until you feel good about the action of the lure. Then either re-cast or let out your desired length of line. Something that I like to do is to occasionally "jerk" the lure while trolling to give it a "variable" action. Something else I like to do, especially with walleye, is to let out additional line while trolling to try and keep a lure as deep as possible. In other words to keep it as close to the humps and bumps as possible. Good luck.

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    check out my thread i posted a few days back. I was jigging with a minno-no walleyes... i trolled a hot-n-tot nothing and got a shorty on a bottom bouncer but your chanes of catching a keeper are few and far b/t. try jigging u can catch just about everything