CJ Brown 05 July

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    BigRed Just keep casting ...

    Update: Put in at 3:00 PM. Plenty of pleasure boaters but they went off around 6:00 pm. Fished the rock dam by the park, tried jigs with yellow/white tails, blue/white tails and pink/white tails ... nothing. Tossed some crank baits and drowned some worms too. Those suspended fish just won't seem to bite. Spent an hour there and nobody on shore reeled in a fish either.

    Think I found the old roadbed, fished it with same as above ... nothing.

    Fished around the campground and caught one "sun fish" on a bottom worm rig (live worm).

    Went to the mouth of the creek and stayed right at the lip where water drops from 8 to 17 feet, at 9:00 pm. Plenty of suspended fish. Used chicken livers tied in cheese-cloth and caught one decent catfish. Backed up the creek to about 6 feet of water but didn't catch anything.

    Tried the dock / marina area around 12:00 am, just tossed livers and worms ... nothing bit.

    Still a good day ... fishing beats mowing anyday !!

    Water temp was 75 most of the lake, dropped as night came on. Clarity was good, stained but not muddy or murky.

    Good Luck !