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  1. does anyone els hate at cj how close the people tubing and every thing get so close to the shore i whent out there today with my family and nobody was caughting anything because the boats where hetting to close to the shore and scaring all the fish
  2. Juan More Fish

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    I was there today trolling and the damn skiers/tubers came to close for comfort.
    They act like they own the damn place.
    My partner and i were in a scarlet and grey boat. Got there at 6:00 am and about 11:mad: :00 the inconsederants got there.

  3. downtime8763

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    It's that way at most lakes, I normally stop fishing between 10:30 and11:00 am and get off the water unless it during the week or I'm in the no wake or channels at Indian lake.A few of us both fish and ski and I've had both pleasure boaters and fisherman cut me off and troll/fish to he point that I could hit them with a spit ball.To many people buy a boat , have no idea what their doing and have never take a boating coarse.I've been around boats my whole life(52 yrs.)and even taken the state boating coarse .I admit I don't it all but am learning every day and watch out for the other guy cause on the water it's to easy to be Dead right when it come to boating safety!
  4. there a diff breed, no editicate or manners , i turn em in, let em have the acgravation of the being turned in,.nuthin will happen but it will cost em time , too bad for them id say,, ha ha ,
  5. A couple of weeks ago I moved to the North no wake zone at CJ to avoid the annoyance and there was even someboby tubing back there...at least they were just idling
  6. yea, doesnt surprise me,, be safe, and catch lunkers
  7. The last couple of times I've fished CJ, someone has run a ground on the point across from the marina. For some reason these guys would drive right towards the marker and sure enough hit bottom. Its a good thing that is a sandy point. This drop off is a great place to fish plus it gives you some interesting boat watching oppertunities.