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  1. new to cj , was looking for some help with the cj smallies, heard there were some nice ones there. anyone fish for them or ran across them? what areas would be a good place to start?
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    Im no bass fisherman, but occasionally when the cat bite is slow I will pick up the 'ole spinning rod and give it a shot... as far as I know, alot of guys pick them up around the break walls at the marina and around the dam...

    Last year I went with a buddy to the marina in early april to see if any of the early whitebass were biting and I caught this one on a white 1/16 oz jig and twister... 21" and 4lbs


  3. hey thanx for the help, any size smallie is a good fish , thats a nice 1,, ive caught a cpl cats on crankbaits over by that house from the damn, thanx again
  4. I've caught quite a few there but none after May. Mine have been caught mostly on 5" suspending jerkbaits.
  5. thanx pond, yea i didnt get my boat till after that, ill hit it hard this fall and next spring, im sure there deep and feeding at nite, learning the lake now, i fished at knox lake for yrs, what a place to fish, got an award muskie there, smallies lg mouths goos cats, and no boat traffic, so this lake is quite a shock with walleyes and all the pleasure boaters,