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    Fished CJ Sunday 8/1 from about 9am until 11:30am. At first not to many boats on the water but then things started to pick up. I ran straight across from ramp to the other shore, just got in the no wake zone on the north end and then started trolling back towards dam. Working rattle traps all the way down the shore line. Was in about 4 feet of water for the most part casting almost directly in front of me. Water temp was reading about 76 degrees. Caught two nice lare mouth on rattle traps. Traffic started picking up on lake so decided to head back to ramp and call it a day, did not get to fish long but did get two nice ones. Now is when the interesting part of the day comes to play. Just as we pull up to the curtosey dock we hear this THUD! Look over and some guy was backing down his boat to the water when wham the trailer breaks :eek: (had one of those trailers that tilts), and the bolt broke holding that together, so bam the back of his boat hits the pavement. I get out to see if I can help but could not move it (lucky for him his motor was trimmed all the way up). I head to truck to see if I got my tie down straps that wrench so that maybe with enough guys and the strap we can get his trailer back together and boat back on it. I did not have my straps and by the time I get back down there they had it taken care of. So I get in line to get my boat out. My wife is holding it at the curtosey dock while all this is going on. Finally I am next in line, when this idiot pulls from the other side into the next open ramp spot. Another one opened up so I start to pull into that one. Well the guy behind me says something to this guy who cut in line. So the guy who jumped out of line gets out of his truck and starts giving this other guy a bunch of crap telling him to get out of his truck. Meanwhile his truck is taking a spot up on the ramp. He finally tells this other fella that he cut in line because his boat is next in line to get out????? And that he has his nine year old son holding the boat. So I am thinking ok, you cut in line to hurry and get your boat out since your 9 yr old son is holding the boat, yet you also show your son that your are a idiot by trying to start a fight at the ramp which in turn is holding up traffic becuase he is to busy yelling and trying to fight as opposed to getting his boat out of water. I got my boat out and went on my way. But the whole time I am thinking that this guy is a real jerk, he cut in line (to hurry and get boat out due to his boy), but yet he shows his boy that it is ok to be a jerk by cutting in line and then yelling and trying to start fights? Some folks I really just dont understand. :confused: .....Stretch
  2. CJ is probably the best place to go 'ramp' watching in Ohio. It can be more entertaining than the fish some days. I've seen more 'action' at that ramp than any others combined. That guy was just making sure the tradition will live on for years to come. :rolleyes:

    On the bright side, I did see the water patrol chase down and ticket a couple of jet skiers back by the islands a couple of weeks ago. Loved to see that. :D

    Speaking of CJ..... Has anyone heard if they are any closer on building the 'proposed' ramp in the no-wake zone? That would help that lake more than anything. I hoped that the states new BOW plan would get that thing back on track but I haven't hear anything about it.

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    Last word I heard was they were not going to do anything about the ramp on the north end, Man what a waste of my tax dollars, I did hear that most of the paper work is completed to start the new ramp this fall, again I'll believe it when I see it, proposal is to build a new ramp facility that faces towards the marina, at an angle with a retaining wall built to protect the launch facility from the wind and waves, there still hashing out to use the steel corrogated walls or the typical heavy riprap wall, I stop in most every month and ask about this, I only fish CJ during the early spring and late falls due to all the crazys on that lake, and yes it is one of the most entertaining places to go, Lynn and I have seen some real jewels out there..........Doc
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    It's where your truck is in line on land. That is state law I believe.

    If you're truck isn't in line, it ain't your turn. Got it?\

    If you are solo, tie it up somewhere or beach it- that's what I do. At least CJ has a courtesy dock.

    People are truly idiots on the loose at boat ramps. Try Brookville on a weekend- you talk about ramp funnies. I saw 6 guys there yesterday in lawn chairs and some "undercover" adult beverages watching the action. They were having a ball and even had the video camera going. Probably trying for some Home Videos footage. I'll bet they got some too.

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    i'll admit..i am a rampwatchingaholics..i can sit there for awhile and just had a great time..better than most TV shows..alum yesterday would have been a trip to watch..
    i'll add CJ to my "ramp to see" list..:D
  6. Wellman Meadows at Caesar Creek.... ;)
  7. I agree C.J can be very entertaining, unless your wating to get out by yourself ! The courtesy docks need replaced bad they actually have nails sticking out & another one with metal & bolts exposed, they suck!!!! I use them , but will wait longer to get on the good sides of the docks! I saw an idoit yesterday @ the ramp unload his boat,load his stuff from the SUV then pulled the trailer just out of the water & took off! !! I thought he might be just checking his boat but, 45 min. later his trailer was still sitting @ the ramp preventing anyong from using it needless to say there was alot of unhappy people waiting to get in/out. Finally, the watercraft& park ranger came down & asked if anyone know how long it was sitting there, I told them it was a good 45-1hr. when I left they was talking about towing it!!! Unbelievable.... Hotntot
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    I live close to CJ, and can actually leave my house and be on the water in about 20 mins, but I dont fish there that much do to just that, the jerks at the ramps. You would think with having two courtsey docks and 4 launch ramps that it would not be that bad , but it seems to be one of the worst places for ramp idiots that I have ever seen. I am thinking that this weekend instead of fishing CJ , and I just going to take a cooler and watch the show! Still wish I would have told that guy that he should get father of the year award showing his son how to cut in front of others, trying to start a fight, and that the whole reason he cut in front of others was the concern of his son (while he was trying to start a fight)! :mad:
  9. When I left at 4:30PM The SUV and Trailer were still setting there with a note under the windshield wiper from the Ranger saying it was illegal to park there. I guess that was easy-er for the Ranger than doing his job.