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  1. well me and my dad and 2 brothers and neighbor went out yesterday nothing was happing by the marina so we went to the creek and i caught a nice channel it was about 6 pounds and 20 in i was so happy i love catching catfish well hope everybody els has some luck
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    20" and 6lbs? Wow,must've been a real fattie. A cat that size might go 3 lb at most otherwise.
    A buddy(FISH ON AJ) went out there mon and got a limit of walleye + 40 some other shorties and over a dozen crappie,all trolling plugs in 4 hrs time,said he could'nt get all his lines out the first two hours they were biting so fast,TC1

  3. I was out last night and caught 6-7 shorties...I think the storms that came thru Monday eve. shut them down big time!
  4. Going to give a try Friday AM ... hope things have settled after Mondays storms & they are back biting!
  5. TC1
    If you dont mind me asking. What types of plugs are you trolling? What areas? I am getting tired of driving to Indian Lake foe Saugeyes, and would love to stay closer to home. Thanks for any help.
  6. A slow day on the lake, caught 9. Out fished again by my buddy 5 - 4, but I had the only keeper (16") All were caught in about 12 fow.
  7. Just got in myself, fished from 5:00 till 9:00. put a 21' in the boat within the first 15 min and that was it!! Caught 2 other shorties.....There calling for rain in the morning probably gonna give it a break till Sun.
  8. thanx for the lake update, its nice to hear whats going on at the lake, going out in the morning. probably 6 - 11, looking for some smallies. hope the rain holds off till afternoon. will post my trip after i get back so anyone going out might get some info, good fishing ...
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    :eek: :eek: WHOA!!! a 21 ft walleye, man that has to be some kind of record there!!!!

    LOL sorry Eyeguy, spotted the opportunity and took advantage of it