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  1. Best outing of this season Friday! Went with a buddy that started the excitement early by dropping his rod in the lake; following it in head first to retrieve it!! :) (he saved the rod & I pulled him back into the boat without further incident) Stayed in the same spot from 8 until 3:30 landing 57 walleye; 7 keepers, the largest 18".
  2. yea i took a little dip loading my boat last monday, felt good tho, was hot, so much for fishing today, rains here again

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    57????? Wow I guess thats a good upcoming class
  4. I caught 27 and my wet buddy caught 30 ... the vast majority were 13" or so.
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    :( Was there thusday,friday,and saturday. Not 1 walleye.
    Caught whitebass crappie and 2 catfish.
    Watched a very hungry fish take my line and speed off. He had some place to be.:p
  6. how do you add the Personal best below every post you make?
  7. Narniafisher ....Go to the "User CP" tab at the top left of page,then click on "Edit Signature" Put in what you want and hit save. Hope that helps.....Dan
  8. no kidding! if most of them were 13in in a year or two they will be legal!!
  9. Fished the same spot this mourning (9 ft flat near campground beach), with similar results. Caught MORE than last week, but fewer keepers (5 – 16–21” between us) and fish were generally smaller. Still a great day, less amusing in that my buddy stayed in the boat this time.:)
  10. socdad, 5 keepers sounds pretty good to me! I was out tues. eve from 5 till 9and handled 2 shorties. There definitely is no shortage of short eyes!!!! Gonna give it a shot tomorrow night myself
  11. Eyeguy – I’ve never tried evening @ CJ … how crazy is it to try to put in at 5:00 on a Friday?
  12. Not bad at all usually. I fish alot of evenings out there, But ya never know:confused:
  13. I took another vacation day yesterday and went out with a friend. We ended up with six keepers. 2-15", 17", 18" and a 21". Caught them all over the lake. Some up north, by the quarry and south off the campground in about 11 foot of water. I was pretty much out fished, put the two small ones in the well and had maby 3 shorties. I did get 4 large crappie, I'm talking almost Norris lake size. Did not keep any because each time I never thought I would catch another nice one. So they are all there to be caught again. Got them off the RR bed up north in 9 fow early in the morning. Probably won't make it out this weekend. Have the grandkids, the oldest is 3. Might take him for bluegills at the marina as long as no one is near by. The line on his cane pole spends as much time flying through the air as in the water. Hasn't caught a fish yet but he has a great time.
  14. hiya all, taking best friend and her kids to cj brown next week or the week after... hoping for a bit of excitement for them so wanted to know if anyone knows what lure(s) / bait(s) might be best for the kids to try to catch any walleye while they are out for their visit? thank you in advance :)

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    But not in a good way. Broke the throttle cable on the way out somehow. Put it all the way forward and managed 8.9 mph. That changed my plans so I went to one of the closer humps for a couple of hours. I played with the cable a little in anticipation of my return trip and found out that it would accelerate but not back down without reaching back and pulling it forward at the motor. That kinda stuff screws up your attention. I did catch a 17 fairly quickly then got hammered by worm-stealing Perch. They finally left - probably because of the 21" Walleye that I then caught. Both went back in the drink for another time.

    I got the boat in fairly well but now I have to go perform surgery on that cable. My fishing chair also came unbolted when I tried to set a hook. It's always fun when you have that moment thinking you're going to fall backwards into the lake...

    FISH-A-HOLIC, if you have a boat then fix the kids up with some 1/8 oz pink or green jigs with 1/2 nightcrawler. Find the 13 - 14' spots north of the boat ramp or in the middle and just jig them up and down. Remember there's a 15" limit on Walleye. There's a chance you might get into a ton of short fish and we like to protect them to the extent possible. As a standby take some waxworms and small hooks. There are lots of 7 - 10 inch Bluegills down there that can be a hoot for the kids. If you don't have a boat then Walleye fishing is not all that predictable.

    Good luck.

  16. Mike, Sounds like you had a day yesterday!!! I was out Sat. and did pretty well also. Caught fish on alot of different presentations, wistlers, spinners, and of course jigs. Caught 30-35 shorties mostly on jigs and started switching-up alittle and would hit a keeper here and there. I started the day around 5:30 in the morning with Jon and fished till 11:00, had to take him to the dock,he had to go to work. We had 2 that were almost 19'... I went back out and ended up staying till after 2:30 and used every night crawler I had, and finished with 5. All the fish were over 18' with exception of a 17.5
    Hope you can get the ole blueboat fixed without alot of $$.
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    Some of you will shake your heads at this. When I took the remote control assembly apart I found a completely broken lockout lever and a damaged shift lever assembly. Both are nylon parts and there was no conceivable way to repair them. Just as I was groaning about having to search for parts for a 25 year old motor I remembered another OMC remote that someone gave me 4 years ago. It wouldn't work for what I needed then but when I opened it up yesterday there were both of the parts I needed! Amazing when I consider all the junk I have "just in case..." and something actually was useful. So, it's all back together and working better than it has for a while. Just for the heck of it I did look for the part online last night and found the lockout lever for $9.14 + shipping but the shift lever is "not available." Now to bolt down that seat so I don't get dumped in the water sometime...

    See you out there.

  18. I was out Sat. morning but called it quits after about an hour due to trolling battery issues. I thought I had a problem with my charger but it turned out I just forgot to connect the negative terminals together so it didn't charge. Was back out on Sunday dragging a harness for the first time. I didn't have much luck outside of the typical bait sized perch and channels but I think I was too shallow. The deeper water adjacent to where I was seemed pretty well covered and I didn't want crowd anybody.

    Blueboat, is your boat the all Smurf blue 70s model I see occasionally?
  19. The fish seem to be in 8 to 12 ft of water, any deeper.... would hit the cats,crappies, and perch. Mike, It sure sounds like ya got lucky with the parts issue. You might have been looking at that new boat sooner than later! I'm sure you can get motor parts but the boat end of things could be tough. As for the seat, at least...the water's warm;)
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    Yup. That's me. It's my favorite kind of boat... paid for.

    See you out there.