Cj 5/28

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  1. Sorry for the late report:

    Got over to the lake about 6pm, threw the cast net a few times and had about 75 nice shad! Fished the north end with cut shad until 1am and caught 9 channels total; all smaller fish - largest only about 3 lbs or so. Fish bit agressively and had swollen bellies from feeding. Pulled 4 of the fish to the southeast of Goose island in the channel and pulled the other 5 from the buck creek channel just south of the rockwall.

    Fish were still biting well when I left. Lots of fun on light tackle!
  2. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    Great the hear.

    I'm planning on fishing C.J for cats very soon from shore. They should be hitting good in the marina area and north end about now.

  3. Have you ever carp fished CJ .I was out there this past weekend an saw carp everywhere.