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  1. Meant to post earlier, just getting around to it. Thanks Doc for showing us where the shad were located. If we had initially gone over towards the marina instead of the main lake, seeing the huge flock of gulls would have been a telltale sign for sure. Never before witnessed one toss of the throw net collecting up so many shad, amazing! We had 4 fishing that day, myself, fins3932, fins' son, and my youngest son and really do appreciate the help.

    We came off the lake around midnight but the fish shut down around 11:00. With your help Doc, we probably boated over 40 cats total, all about 3lbs or less. Great time and perfect weather. Fins3932 tells me, in the past, that the fish usually run alot larger so we'll probably also try it again very soon.

    Thanks again. We all had a great time. When we finally got home that night, my son told me he was so relieved to be out of earshot of "those darn geese".

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    Cool glad you did well, the water is still very cold for the big ones to move in when it starts to hit the 50 degree mark they will come. Glad to help you guys out, and tell your son that those geese never stop except during hunting season and you won't hear a peep out of them then.


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    We had a great time with the boys out there. The shad netting was awsome. I'll be remembering that when I go back to my usual half-dozen (on a good throw) later in the year. I got to fish the solar xt under a blacklight... the stuff looked like neon rope in the dark. Here's one of muskeye and his son, Travis at Goose Island.