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    I'm trying to broaden my fishing skills( its easy when you have none) and soft plastics have my hooked, but not the SM's, I think I'm losing more than is normal, and I have had one gut hooked fish and that tears me up. I mostly use gat. skip-jack hooks in 1/O to 3/O sizes ( skip jack hooks are the best Texas rigging hooks due to the bends near the eye, the head CANNOT slip down, look it up and give it a try) Texas rigged, but I keep forgetting or more likely not setting the hook, I think crank fishing ruined me. I see people using circle hooks rigging them once hooked thru the head, which will give it great action and you can use a much smaller hook so the sinking rate is much greater. Anyone try this? I hear when the fish grabs it, you point the rod at the fish and reel in medium speed, no hook set and the hook will always find the corner of the mouth. Wacky style with circle hook sounds promising also, anyone try it or know any pointers?
  2. I've used circle hooks with bait; they worked wonders. I read that some anglers use them with lures and big streamers/flies.

    To set the hook, you just reel the line in - I never pointed the rod at the fish, but for all I know it may help. The fish were almost always hooked in the corner of the mouth.

    I encourage you to give it a shot if you plan on releasing what you catch.

  3. Circle hooks are desinged primarily to be used with live bait. They have a couple other applications in offshore fishing with special techniques but for our purposes in freshwater....stick to circles when livebaiting.

    Circles hooks and soft plastics don't work too well. When fishing texas rig, you have to set hook for 2 reasons...not only to lodge the hook in the fishes lip but first to drive the hook throught the bait so that the point is exposed. With a circle hook you won't be able to do can set the hook to drive the point thru the bait but in doing so you will violate the 1st rule of circle hooking: don't set the hook! You will pull the bait right out of the fishes mouth everytime. If you don't set the hook...the hookpoint won't push thru the body of the plastic and cannot penetrate the fish. It's a win-lose or a lose-win situation either way.

    What you may have seen people fishing with is a wide-gap worm hook. This looks more like a circle hook than a standard J-hook but the hook point is not actually turned all the way back towards the shank. Wide-gap worm hooks are used alot with thicker softplastics like creatures, craws, flukes, tubes and finesse worms like senkos and gulp sinking minnows. There is a greater distance between the shank and the hook point so that when the hook is pushed all the way thru the bait there is still enough hook sticking thru to penetrate into the fishes mouth. If you are using thinker plastic baits...go with a wide-gap worm hook.

    Let the fish take the bait and run off for a few feet...then SET THE HOOK and SET IT HARD! There is no tackle that can substitute for this. You have to adjust your fishing style to the baits...not your baits to your fishing style.
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    I understand what your saying, maybe I wasn't clear on how to hook the plastic with the circle hook. Its not like a regular Texas rig, the hook is just thru the nose of the plastic with the point exposed, no need to pull the point threw the plastic, it already is. Only bad thing is I bet you lose more plastics with short strikes. I didn't invent this rigging, found it on other places on the internet, one guy did this because his elbow was messed up and setting hook hurt, so he did this so he didn't need that action. I've seen circle hooks used for plastics before but wanted to know if any guys here have tried it and what sizes work good. Going to give it a shot wed. night in a private pond to see if the stupid LM get hooked then I can figure out what I need to change for SM fishing.
  5. Never tried rigging that way but sounds like it would work fine with the exception of the fact that it's anything but weedless. Aside from that....the gills are probably gonna be stealing your baits like crazy.

    Let us know how it works out.
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    I am not a fan of circle hooks. I could be wrong, but I don't think they would improve your hook up percentage. I think timing is the key. You have to know when to slam it home. Too soon jerks it out their mouth and too late is a gut hook. It takes some time, but with practice fishing soft plastics is deadly for bass in many different applications. I won't go fishing for largemouths without plenty of rubber worms.

    However, in all honesty I have not done a lot of creek/river fishing with the senkos and slug gos but I have them in my arsenal. I just haven't dialed in with them yet.

  7. I don't think that they're gonna help much for his application either, however, they do have a place in my tackle box for certain other instances as mentioned above.
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    I think that this time of year in a pond you will bring in a load of moss with every cast. It might work better in the spring. The system you want to use sounds a lot like the banjo minnows. They sent a bunch of little rubber bands along to make the hook weedless.

    It's all a matter of touch that you develop over time. Some days they are really sucking the bait in and you have to be pretty aggressive with your hook sets...other days you've got to let them have it a little while. I think when you are just starting out or having a run of bad luck, the tendency is to let them have it a little too long and then you end up gut hooking them.
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    Thanks for the input. I just want to expand the ways to fish plastics, each way has a plus and minis and its kinda fun learning new ways and I think that keeps you from getting too set in your ways. I love cranking, very good at it, but I need to get better at other areas, and I am slowly.
  10. The nose hooking sounds like a finesse rig to be used with small baits that can easily be engulfed. Have you tried a drop-shot rig? The drop shot hooks have a short shank and a fairly round shape but are not a circle hook, more like an octopus hook. The circle hooks I use for live bait have the point of the tip turned in and have always resulted in a corner of the mouth hook but they do not seem suitable for artificial baits. On the occasion that I do deep hook a fish I just cut the line. I have done this many times in my pond and have never found a dead fish, with the exception of a largemouth that broke off a rapala and apparently died from starvation over a month later due to the lure blocking it's throat.
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    I just tried my circle hook rig in my testing spot(blacklick), and I must say it works wonderful! I caught over 20 small fish in about an hour(where I'm fishing the water is clearer than tap water and under a foot of water). And just as advertised all the fish were hooked in the mouth no matter how long they had it. a few took the bait while i was getting out line twist(a big problem with this weightless rig I'll fix with a bigger heavier hook) and had it a good 10 seconds, the grub was thru his gill plate but the hook in the corner of the mouth! I lost allot of fish due to small size but mostly pulling the bait out of the mouth, all you need to do is let them run with it, point the rod at them and reel SLOW! any other method it just popped out. Another good thing is they would grab it again and again I think because they never felt metal or pressure. Next time out in bigger water I'll give it a try if my senko rig isn't working.