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  1. Went to Deer Creek Saturday evening on the 2nd. I was trying to use a small circle hook with a Bass minnoe under a bobber. I was triggering bites like crazy but lost six nice fish from the hook popping out of thier mouth when I set it! They actually had it and let go where the hook wasn't setting, but sliding past thier lip. I did get my first Garr and he swallowed the minnoe hook and all. It was very long , but really light. I also caught a big White Bass (1 or 2 lbs) and the hook just barely caught his mouth. I did have a great time although I was somewhat frustrated.
  2. Try tieing yarn onto the back hook. I know it sounds crazy, but my uncle showed this trick to me about 5 years ago on the Mississippi River. Infisherman ran a story about it a couple of months ago. The idea is not to ook the gar, but to let their teeth get snagged in the yarn!

  3. DO NOT SET A CIRCLE HOOK. Point the rod at the fish, reel until there is no more slack in the line and then raise your rod tip. Jerking hard will prevent the hook from rolling around the jaw hinge properly and instead, you'll jerk the hook right out of the fishes mouth.

    Another trick is to tie a piece of fishing line, rubber band or rigging thread around the shank of the hook between your bait and the eye of the hook. This will prevent your bait from riding up shank which will keep the hook from turning around into your bait.
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    dkilla beat me to the punch but he is right on. circle hook are designed to set themselves in the corner of the mouth. once you connect with the fish and you are sure he is there you can give another pull to reasure a good hook up. As for the gar the rope fly is the way to go let them run with it once they take and they will tangle up in the rope. Lots of fun once you hook up. Good luck and follow the advice of previous post and you should greatly improve your catch. S
  5. Thanks for the great advice! I knew you guys would help me put a few extras on the stringer.
  6. I know a guy who swears by crappie jigs for catching gar, for the same reason kmb411 stated. When they bite down on the body thier teeth get caught in the material but you may not actually get a hook in them, they just cant let go of the bait. Sounds silly but I saw him catch numerous gar just throwing a white or yellow crappie jig.


  7. Been using circles when livebaiting for billfish for a few years now...LOVE everything about em.

    Another tip on circle hooks that will improve your hookup ratio. Learn to snell a hook. A snelled circle hook pulls thru the eye from the shank instead of directly from the eye. This changes the fulcrum point of your hook, which in this case, basically acts as a lever. It will lead to more solid hookups.
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    Simlar luck/tactics here with circle hooks; once I feel a bite I slowly reel the line semi-tight while keeping a very loose grip on the rod. Then I let him take the bait until the rod has moved about 7-13"...At that point I simply hold the rod tight, then slowly pull it backwards (like your swinging a bat...pulling it straight up usually doesn't work to well)...Once you master it you will consitently hook fish right in the corner of the mouth, damn near everytime ;)