Cincy Vs The Clowns

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by smallie, Sep 25, 2008.

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    I'll Go Out On A Limb And Say My Beloved Bengals Will Beat The Clowns On Sunday. That Being Said... Only If The Offensive Line Realizeses That It Is Really Okay To Protect Your Quarterback. Bengals Won't Win If They Let The Clowns Sack Palmer 5 Times Like The Giants Did.

    Go Bengalsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  2. SConner

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    Someone has to win this game, might as well be the Browns.
    Go Brownies!

  3. Battle of the celler dwellers this early in the year:(
  4. Bungles vs. Clowns should be on prime time TV. A dream match-up...

    Go brownies!!!!
  5. ParmaBass

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    Browns will win in impressive fashion. I'm prediting the final score to be 3-2 with Phil Dawson being the MVP!
  6. H2O Mellon

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    The only way the games can go down is two ties, that way each team can go 0-14-2

    TWO WINLESS TEAMS IN OHIO! That would be freakin' great!
  7. This prediction is PRICELESS!!......unfortunately, it could also be accurate! LOL
  8. Parma...aren't you the one with all the outrageous predictions, such as the Browns beating the Steelers something like 50-6???? that's funny!

    Both teams would need to tie twice this year and end the season with a record of 0-14-2. I will eat fried dog poo if that actually happens!
  9. ParmaBass

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    Yeah I'm the optimist! It will come, probably Monday night after the bye week when Brady gets his first start and they spank the super bowl champion NY Giants 42-3.

    Not so confident this week, we'll see Brady after they fall down by 2 touchdowns.
  10. chaunc

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    Are you guys forgetting about one of the most exciting games of the season last year? What'd they do? Score like a thousand points that game. Even tho i dont care who wins, i want to see those fireworks again. 51-49 ??????
    And remember who kept who out of the playoffs last season.:)
  11. No fireworks this year...both offenses can't move the ball.
  12. But neither defense can stop anybody as well.
  13. Tee

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    Usually its a crazy game. This Bengals vs Browns could have that same outcome.

    I see it as the Bengals squeak out a win. 31-30 Bengals.

    But if the Bengals D only give up 30 points, that will be a victory!! :D

    Oh well, have fun with it. Battle of the teams that suck.
  14. I predict that both teams are so bad, that in an unprecedented departure from the laws of probability, both teams will lose.
  15. Now, I just want to say the comments I'm going to post are from a Browns fan...;)

    The only thing the Browns defense could sack is a pile of canned goods at Giant Eagle. With the non-existant pass rush coupled with soft coverages in the secondary, Palmer will have no problem picking Cleveland apart.

    The Browns offense will have more trouble getting on track than the Bengals... But even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile.

    The team who wins will be the team who beats THEMSELVES the least. That's something that both have great potential to do, and have been doing for a while.

    From what I witnessed in the locker room all week at the Browns facility, Cinci will win handily. Doesn't mean I like it. Browns fans deserve better than the spoiled brats and malcontents they're force fed.

    Cincy 42

    Cle 9

    (no TD's for the Browns and they'll be down by 31 in the fourth and STILL kick a field goal. Crennel will be fired after they lose)
  16. ezbite

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    carl, i like your thinking:p but i think your stuck with romeo till november.. i just hope someone wins:confused:
  17. Cincinnati looked better last week than the Browns did. So I have to admit, the Bengals probably win. I do think Rogers will give their center fits, though.


  18. it will be the battle of the toilet bowl to see who get slush down the toilet. go BROWNS.