Cincy Tournies

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Day81, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Was wondering if anyone new if there are any up coming catfish tournies in the cincy area.
  2. Aug 2nd is the Cincy River Cats group out of Schmidt I believe. anyways no one holds anything in July with the flathead spawn in full swing, I know, I looked all over the place and only found 2 both on the 2nd, other is out of Rising Sun
    PM me for more info if needed

  3. Miami Whitewater Forest Lake Championship
    There is no disputing that giant catfish lurk at night within Miami Whitewater Forest Lake. What is up for debate is who exactly rules the roost when it comes to snaring these monsters. Anglers are invited to test their skills against one another and the big cats to determine the 2008 Lake Champions. Entry fee is $60.00 per team and includes boat rental and a complimentary pre-event buffet.

    Miami Whitewater Forest Lake Championship Date Date Lake Type Hours
    August 2-3 Miami Whitewater Championship 9:00pm - 7:00am