Cincinnati Travel Sports and Boat Show

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  1. On Thursday January 22 at 7:00 PM, I will be giving a seminar down at the boat show. My last seminar at Bass Pro Shops had 11 people. Lets have some more people show up to this one please.
  2. any body know f smaktackle is going to be there, and what kind of seminar are u giving?

  3. Smack Tackle will not be there. However if you show up I will be able to sell you some Smack! I will be giving my seminar on Shallow Water fishing. Mainly flippin' and pitchin' but will switch over to shallow crankin'.
  4. looking forward to the show. never did i have confondence on my crank bait presentaction.
  5. Well hopefully I will be able to provide you with some tips to give you confidence.
  6. last year was my 1st year of going to this show and i am going again in 2009. plus my brother lives 2 blocks from the convention center at race and 7th streets so i can park at his house for free.
  7. Last year's show was a big disappointment for me. Not much going on. Not as many vendors. I complained to the management who explained scheduling conflicts, competing shows, etc. He asked to keep an eye on this year's schedule before deciding not to attend. If there is no improvement over last year, I won't waste my time or dollars...
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    are there many deals there on tackle. i have never been there.
  9. I've attended that show for probably the last ten years or more. Everyyear that show gets weaker and weaker. I don't care if your a pleasure boater or fisherman. For a major metropolitan area sitting on and major body of water this show should be a hell of alot better than it is. The number fishing equipment vendors last year was a joke. I will no longer waste my time and money going to this poor excuse for an outdoor show.
  10. There is NEVER any deals on tackle. The days of the 'worm bar' are long gone.

    I'm not sure why that is, though. The last few years the only people there with tackle has been Plapps. And well...Who knows if they'll be there this year.

    I won't waste money going down there again, unless i'm in the market for a new boat.

    Or some Sham-Wows!
  11. Yes I am positive of the seminar. I was a late book. Plapp's will not be there as for they have went out of business. The best show around here, is Indianapolis. I worked the tackle trailer last year for Plapp's and we provided some good deals. This year if you stop by the Buckeye Baits setup, I will be able to hook everyone up with some good deals on baits.
  12. I have been to the show a few times and its pretty much been a big waste of time and money. No good deals on tackle, very little fishing stuff actually. 90% of the show is all outfitters trying to advertise their business/service.
  13. Fishdealer04 hit it on the head, I don't get much "fishing" related benefits out of the Boat show anymore either.
  14. The Indianapolis Boat, Sports & Travel Show is put on by Renfro Productions and although regulars state that it's not like it use to be, Tackle Town at this show is well worth going to. This show is at the Indiana State fairgrounds and is February 20 through March 1. Much nicer boat display as well.

    An alternate is the Indiana Fishing Expo held at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Indiana on January 31 & February 1.
    No ginzu knives or Sham Wows at this show. 100% FISHING related products, vendors, and seminars.

    I haven't gone to the Cincinnati show since Swallen's and Van Luenens went out of business. Both of those vendors made the show worth going to if you were into fishing. Since their departure, that's a void that has not been filled, as the expense of having a booth at this show is prohibitive.
  15. Can't speak to Columbus or Indiana, but the Cincy show is a joke. I finally stopped going last year. I still check out the booths online--if and when I see the fishing related vendors increase, I might return.
  16. I know there was a nice boat display last year. Smack Tackle will be at the show! Along with Buckeye Baits. I will be working the Buckeye Baits booth. Just come on down for the seminar I will be giving. It is perfect for what we face here in Ohio.
  17. I haven't been to the Cincinnati show in years. I usually go to Columbus, I take my father in law who is wheel chair bound out for the day and Columbus is easier to get to in my opnion. Lots of boats, outfitters and lodges but very little in the way of tackle or baits. The last really good show I went to was in NYC when I lived in New Jersey several years ago. It actually had Reps. from all the major tackle and bait manufactures there with deals. A very dangerious show to attend. Don't know why the Cinn. show has gone down, I remember back in the late 60's-early 70's it was pretty good. But that also was when most shows were combined hunting, fishing and camping. I don't think todays specalized shows draw as big a crowd.
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    I'll just have to come down now that Smack Tackle is there. It would be really cool if the folks behind AC Shiner were there too. They make crankbaits out of Okeana, OH. Note to self: bring some cash.
  19. fished-out; do you recall when the vendors took there worm-bars-- lures and sat up all there tackle in the basement, and everyone had to go 3 or 4 time so not to miss a deal. it would be nice if they opened the basement