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  2. Back in the day when both Swallen's and Van Luenens had booths there, I had a "reason" to go to this show. I haven't been in the last few years since I have no interest in jets skis, yachts, or "Wonder Mops". I'll hit the Indianapolis show and the Johnson Co. fairgrounds show in Indiana instead.

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    What is the best show in the SouthWest parts? ........... I agree, unless you can use a yacht, fishing vacation, or new mop, theres not much to see anymore. It's like Wal-mart, there cutting out the real, everyday fisherman/hunter. Sports Show need to look at General Surplus for there future... in my opinion!
  4. I've only found one, FISHING ONLY show, and it's over in Indiana. This will be their third year, and it just keeps getting better. It's a multi-species show that caters to every interest from stripers to walleye to catfish and even carp. A number of "local" dealers display, clinics and seminars all day long, custom rod builders & tackle makers. Lots of small niche dealers that don't have any other venue to sell their goods. Admission is cheap ($4) and it's just a great group of guys that "get it" when it comes to putting on a fishing show. For more info -
    It would be nice to see a show of this caliber put on up at the Roberts Center off of I71.
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    AS in the past few years we will have a booth at the Columbus show again this year. We are also talking to Hart Productions about some of his other shows. We'll keep all of you updated.
  6. I agree, the cincy show is a waste of time for fishermen. Seems that every show Hart sponsors turns into a "general store".

    I lived in Cleveland years ago when the Cleveland show was one of the best in the country. Down hill for the last 10 years or so.

    Believe I'll check out this show in Indiana. Been a long time since I've been to a show that was truly worth it from a tackle standpoint. I like the small producers, because that's where the innovation is.
  7. Stauff, can you give a little insight on how big the show is (Number of booths, types of displays, etc) and just exactly where it is? Not much on the web site. I've be willing to travel from Cincy if it's worth it.

  8. The ISC Expo is held at the Johnson County fairgrounds in Franklin Indiana (south of Indianapolis off I65) January 12 & 13, 2008. There were a number of booths dealing with bass fishing that I pay little attention to; bass clubs, tournaments, small lure makers, etc. - maybe ten or twelve booths. There were two or three local "retailers", the one whose name I remember was Westside Bait & Tackle out of Indianapolis. There were I believe three custom rod makers and a number of fishing "Clubs" - Indiana Walleye, CAG (carp anglers Group), a musky group or two, catfish groups, seemed like a number of salmon booths, and a conservation group or two. All told there were probably thirty or so booths there, maybe more. I know of one longtime Erie charter captain that makes the trip down and I also met Mick Thill there last year. A number of guides gave seminars on their specific species and areas that they fish. There was a striper guide there that had a terrific seminar, and the walleye guys are always good for alot of quality information. Is it worth making the trip? All I can say is there were a couple of guys there from Mason Ohio checking it out last year, and they're going to make the trip again. I'll try to get in touch with the guys who are putting on this show to see if I can get more accurate specifics on just "who" and "what" will be there this year.
  9. Does any of you guys know if you can use the same ticket to get into the Cincy Golf show going on at the same time the boat show is? If so I could do them both in the same weekend. Thanks