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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Day81, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Dude I hate Cincinnati weather. It doesn't get cold enough here and We barely get any snow. I belong out in Alta, Utah where they get 500in. of snow each year(Skiing is great there too). Or i need to move to Glen Arbor, Michigan, my favorite place on this earth. Unforteunetly I have to wait a while till I can move out of my parent's house. what do you guys think.
  2. i like the snow myself. i would leave dayton and move to someplace like yellowknife,canada if i had the chance.

  3. Yeah dude. I need some where where it is cold, snowy, awesome skiing, and awesome fishing.
  4. bopperattacker

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    i'm saying boo to the snow. ba humbug. I like the sun. I'm on a two year plan to relocate to Tampa, st. petersburg area. Tons of great lakes around there, and year around hog bass fishing. instead of skiing, there's bikini's....
  5. flathunter

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    you can keep the cold and snow...if we got 500 inches of snow here the state would shut down.
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    500 inches of snow!! WOW id love that.. cause we would have some good ice fishing!!! BRING IT ON!!!
  7. Pigsticker

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    Winter sucks! I was depressed today thinking its going to be almost 4 whole months till i'll be bassin again...sigh. You hard water fans have a screw loose. :)
  8. most of the state shutdowns after 2 inches of snow
  9. I know CO Trout has to miss that comen from Colorado.
  10. I was thinking we've already had too much cold and snow this year.