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Cinci ice report/fish finder question

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by ChrisB, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Finaly got out on the ice today in the Cincinnati area. Tried a few private ponds and lakes, also parts of Winton Woods. Ice was a good 4" in most places with some spots going 5-6". Rarley did I see anything below 4". I marked a few fish about 4 feet deep in 6 feet of water. I tried spikes, waxies
    powerbait and everything in between. Also, I was only marking fish in one hole. I drilled holes next to it and nothing. My question is how does the sonar operate on a smart cast Humming bird. Does it pick up whats directly benath it? The screen scrolls and I'm not sure if the fish and structure I'm seeing is directly benath the sonar, or around it. Please, someone give me a lesson with fish finders!
  2. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    Thanks alot for the cincy ice report! That is exactly what I was looking for. I have always wanted to try Winton Woods as it is my home lake come soft water. I know exactly where I would ice fish it also. I don't know about the smartcast, although I would say that it reads just whats in the radar cone, which should be directly beneath a few feet wider the farther down it goes. Have you ever ice fished winton before and had any luck? I am going to go fishing Friday morning at a pond in Springboro, if you want to tag along, I can garuantee some fish! If you are free friday I wouldn't mind trying anywhere though. Thanks again for the ice update.

  3. Chris, the Vexilar site has some good info on cone diameter.
    Four feet is usually a bit shallow for ice fishing. I would try deeper water. If you were marking objects at one hole but not marking anything just a few feet away, you may have been marking sticks or sprigs of weeds in your first hole. Usually you would at least have got a response from fish, even if they were only "sniffing" your bait. This will happen far more often than not. If there is a spillway, try working that area. However, the ice may be weaker around large concrete objects so you may not want to get real close. Try fishing at least 20-30 ft. away. Farm ponds are usually a shoe-in for fish so keep at it, you'll find them. And yes, the sonar cone shoots straight down, expanding gradually the deeper it goes. You'll also want to make sure your transducer is straight up and down. If it angles even a little, you'll get an inaccurate reading. That is, the water will mark deeper than it actually is.
    Make sure your tackle is not to heavy. Four lb. test tops, two lb. is not to light for panfish, especially gills. Naturally, you'll want to use an appropriate size bait/lure. Size 8-12 would be fine. I would focus on 8-14 ft. depths. If the pond has good visibility/water clarity, then the weeds will grow deeper. Weed edges are good spots to try if not to shallow. There may be an original feeder cut that eroded before the pond was filled. That would be a good place to look if you can find it. Usually a feeder cut can be found in the vicinity of the spillway.
    Keep cuttin', you'll find 'em.
  4. Thanx Esox, The only time I marked fish was in 7 feet of water. They were at about 4 feet deep. I guess I should have specified that. In shallower water where I know a mess of gills are I marked nothing so I guess you are right about deeper fishing. Bassnpro, I have ice fished Winton at old mill creek by Parkey's farm and have done well with the gills. I'm guessing your like me and want to get into those crappies :rolleyes: I didn't try the main lake or the bigger coves but my guess is the ice is 3" or more. Don't know if your legally aloud to ice fish it but I havn't seen any signs up. I work through Monday and I'll P.M. you if the ice is still good.