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  1. I see we have threads on chumming for catfish & carp, but what about just sweetening an area around a dock for all types of fish. I wonder what could be put there? Maybe some sort of grain to attract minnows, which would then attract bluegills, crappies, etc.
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    Works great as chum for baitfish down in Florida. You can buy it bulk on the net- a place like this

    You can get it in large sizes for lots of chumming or a little bot. I'd buy a 1 lb or so package and it would last a week for me. Sardines, greenies, whitebait, whatever you want to call them would swarm for the goldfish flakes and then WHOOSH, in goes the castnet and I've got bait. I see no reason why panfish wouldn't like the stuff.


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    A christmas tree would attract the bluegills and crappie.
  4. I was watching one of the fishing shows and they were showing burlap bags that were filled with something for bluegill and crappies.

    Tied it to a rope and dropped it over the dock and came back a couple hours later and slayed both. Its out there somewhere if you look.
  5. I found a bag of that stuff at Dunhams on sale for seven bucks. I have it tied to my dock right now and I'll let you know how it works. Right now it's been cold and not much happening. The stuff I bought was by Frabill.
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    hang a road kill over the water off a branch, all the maggots falling down will keep them there.
  7. You know, I have heard aboud taking a dead ground hog and putting it in an old onion sack and hanging it over the water. Never tried it. Betcha that smells saaweet... We have sunk a can of cat food on a string below the boat for perch on the big pond before. that does work... I remember when I worked on a boat on the cheasapeake how productive chumming was, but i wonder how the tidal currents assisted in its success.
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    Tidal issues are great, the fish follow it up. I get menhaden oil by the gallon and put it in an IV bag over the side, open the flow accordingly to let consistant drops out. Another thing where there is a flow is crushed egg shells, look like a school. Just sprinkle some out once in a while, they cover a pretty good area.
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    years ago a friend.......had his own 30 acre lake and raised fish to sell......he placed wire baskets on poles suspended over the water......put his fish remains in there (from fish he cleaned earlier) flies laid eggs......they hatched into maggots.......ate the rancid.... remaining fish carcasses.....then fell into the water and added to the pellet type feed that he also used......but it sure was great fishin around those wire baskets......but you know what....didn't catch fish every time there ..........proves that fish bite when they feel like it and that sure isn't all day long .........every day........Just like chummin can work.........but dont expect it to work on every trip........ Jon Sr. PS....and the pet food trick does work.....for perch in Lake Erie....also dont in mesh cloth bag.......tie to a cord........then retreive, when done
  10. Yes, but did it work?
    I always wanted to try to chum smallies like i did stripers by drifting with chum..
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    So to clarify, you guys would puch holes in a can of cat food, tie it to a stringer/rope, chuck it over the side, and that helped your perchin on Erie?

    always thought about it, never tried it though.
  12. I chumed up at indian lake last year. I had a tub of livers that i had frozen and thawed multiple times thur multiple catfish trips. Well I took it to indian lake. I poked holes in the top of the lid and put some rocks in the bottom of the container. Then threw it out about 30 feet or so and let it set. Well about 2 hours later, the sun started going down and man it was amazing. The catfish were hitting like crazy, we brought a cooler full home and the smallest one was about 2.5lbs.
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    when cattin' in bigger lakes for eater fish we always took sour kraut and dumped a can or a bag into a burlap sack or several panty hose put together and tied it off the bank... only takes about 30 mins or so for them to start feeding from it