Chumming and other things I don't like

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Carpman, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. A couple weekends ago, I was fishing up at cold creek in sandusky. It's a small place and very noticable, so you will get some crowds there at times. Got there around 8am and there were some people fishing. One guy down at the falls and the rest huddled around the bridge area.

    First Instance

    The ranger decides to come by and check licenses, that's cool, I like talking to them because they usually have some good info about the fishing. Anyway, the guy that was fishing the water falls already had two fish on his stringer and caught a third. He proceeded to walk down river towards another fisherman, then grabbed his stringer and put the fish on it. All in front of the ranger that was there. I am thinking to myself that this is going to get good real fast. The ranger walked over to the other guy gave him an earfull, and let the fish go. The ranger did not cite the man because the fish was still alive and going to make it. Idiots.......

    Second Instance

    Still at cold creek. I talked to some guys that fish for steelhead a lot. Seemed like decent people. Then, I saw them throwing handful after handful of eggs out in the water to attract the fish. I don't really care for the legallities associated with chumming for steelhead, I just don't like it personally. To me it's an ethics thing. I have seen a couple other posts on here talking about the chummers. I think chumming is more along the lines of harvesting fish for food, not fishing for sport. If you can't afford to feed yourself, I kinda understand, but you also spent the money on gas to get to the river in the first place. Just kinda earks me off a little.

    Needless to say, I don't like that place, but will probably fish it still, just because it's closer than the state parks in cleveland. Also, it seems like the chances of catching a fish there are slim for some reason, maybe it's just me!