chubs on 3wt

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  1. Hit local crick for chubs on my cabelas 3 forks combo. Good looking fish if you ask me! [​IMG]
  2. They are a riot on a dry fly...a Griffith Gnat will have them leaping out of the water.

  3. I have the 3 wt, the 5 wt, and the 8 wt Three Forks combos. The 3 wt short is still my favorite till the big flies come out. Scrappy looking chub!
  4. 10.4 on 3 forks combos. I might get the 5wt with the cahill reel. I like the 3 wt rod, but I think the prestige plus reel is overkill and too heavy for the 3 wt. Which reel do you have?
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    gotta love chubs! they have saved the day plenty times on a skunked day for me. got me one today on a daves hopper. had more try to get it but the hopper was too big for um. should of went smaller. dry flying it is fun! I watched this chub or small bass jump a good foot out of the water after something today casted to the spot right after and nothing.......
  6. I bought mine back when they still did the graphite reel and love it.