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  2. I know the chubby darter is popular out west for big river walleye. Never heard of anyone using them east of the mississippi though. What kind of action does it have?

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    Chubby Darter is primarily for vertical fishing where the bait quivers and darts as the angler pulls upward on the rod tip.

    I wouldn't see why we couldn't use them out here... A new twist in our tackle box.
  4. they obviously catch fish, but ive never caught any on the one ive tried.
    they are fairly light, that is why they have such a nice wiggle on the fall.
    im not overly impressed with the action in general. maybe they would work better in clear water for shy fish. Where I fish, you need sound and vibration to call in fish cause the water is dingy.
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    I used one last season. Didn't get a bite. Was using a #4 for crappies. May get a #3 this year and try again at Mosquito.
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    net, anyone else, you can see the lure action in that video from the page perchy101 listed.

    i have three different colors of the #3s, im looking forward to trying them.

    i know papaperch has had a couple for at least a season, maybe he'll chime in here if he sees this.
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    Perchy101.......I have tried them on Mosquito in the past........didn't produce for my buddy and I. But we still managed to connect on jiggin raps and sonars on those trips....So go figure.....They have been around a while.. but were always on the pricey end of the spectrum so guess thats why I never really got into them.....With vibees/sonars/ jiggin spoons less expensive and in much better supply...Jon Sr.
  8. Best bait on Lake Eire for me the last couple years. The yellow metalic one seems to be the best for me. I would suggest having one. I would out catch buddies 2 to 1 most of the time.
  9. like I said earlier may be a better clear water bait.
  10. You can take the hooks off and attach a dropper with a jig where the bottom treble was. I tried it last year with no success but to be honest I really didn't give it a chance. After a few minutes, I would switch back to lures I was more comfortable with. I'm definitely going to give it a try this year, and not just Salmo but also some of the other lures in the tackle box that haven't gotten wet yet.
  11. I agree they are pricey BUT they are all hand painted and individually tested. According to salmo 's site each and every one is guaranteed to perform . . No more sorting thru the box to find one that acts right.

    I have a few in my arsenal and have had very limited success with them. A few small perch and a few dink walleye. But I have been fishing them wrong. Watching the video on their web site they are supposed to be worked very aggressively to attract the fishes attention. Then let it fall slowly. Most said the fish almost never hit it when held motionless you have to keep in moving.
    Judging by the vex signal on the video I would say they are right.
  12. I have 4 ,,,I have no luck with them ,,I tried them on several occasions,,in Ohio ,Michigan and Canada,,a few small perch,, no walleye the water was not crystal clear but they would hit jigging rapalas,,,I keep trying them and hope they will work