Christmas eve dinner

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    this year we switched things around a bit.usually we have a big dinner on Christmas eve that includes cornish game hens,stuffing,noodles,mashed potatos,asparagus,rools,etc.
    the schedule this year dictated that we have the big meal on Christmas day.
    so the new menu was seafood!!!
    i fixed fried oysters,fried shrimp,broiled bay scallops and stuffed top it off we had a bottle of blackberry wine from the lonz winery.
    this could be a new tradition!!!!!
  2. It's a ethnic tradition that we have a meatless Christmas eve dinner. Many Europeans carried it over from their homeland.
    Our Fare;

    Mushroom barley soup,
    2 or 3 different herrings,
    beet salad, cold (Vinegretas)
    a veg salad, cold
    A stuffed White fish,
    other cold fillet of fish in a tomato sauce,
    shrimp, (cold)
    shrimp salad with rice,
    a mussel dish,

    & then open the goddies, (got 4 pairs of sox this year & 10 Cohiba Cigars (real) Yummy at best.

    Then Christmas day is our formal dinner