Chris Wells declares for draft

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by pendog66, Jan 8, 2009.

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    well i think we all knew it was going to happen, but i was just wondering what everyone thinks about it. Honestly i think its a mistake and he has a lot of toughing up to do. hes has all the skill in the world but can he actually stay healthy for a entire season???????? Also looking into the future i see cleveland taking him with the 5th pick.....
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    They better address their SWISS CHEESE defense before they even think about a RB.....

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    Beanie will NOT be taken with the 5th overall pick (at least not the 5th pick in the 1st round) and he is probably going to be that guy, on the commercial, that tumbles down the steps on draft day when his name is called. ;)

    (Bet PB can find that clip on you tube, it's perfect)
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    I know what your talking about but couldn't find it....Came across this one though, lol.

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  5. I certainly can't blame him. The only knock on him is durability. If he stayed in school and got hurt again next year, which is a strong possiblilty when playing running back, the durability issue would become even bigger. Take the money and finish school in the offseason.
  6. Cleveland won't touch him and actually i think its a smart idea on his part, he'll go in the 1st round and make alot of good money, he's injury proned so he might as well get paid for sitting on the sidelines, as it is now he will be either the 1st or 2nd running back to get drafted so why chance playing another year of college football and ruining your chance at the NFL forever.
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    ESPN draft guy (not Kiper), just said he's the second best RB in the draft after Knowshon Moreno from Georgia.
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    hahahaha that commercial was hilarious....
  9. I love watching Beanie, but to be honest, I'm glad he is going. I feel his draft status really took a hit during that bowl game. I see him being a late first round pick. If you ask me, Beanie is a little soft.
  10. Im not really surprised they have been talking about it for a month, thats alot of money to pass on, being the 2nd best RB in the draft he might slip into the 2nd round.
  11. if he can stay healthy he can be dominating. just ask michigan. he has all the skills he uses the stiff arm like no other and he will hit you. when he hits that hole and there is nobody there he is gone. but again it all comes down to being on the field
  12. Beanie will do fine in the NFL is he is on the field. He may come across a little soft, but so did Adrian Peterson (always seemed to be injured) and look how he is doing. I will miss watching Beanie. I loved watching him stiff arm DB's on the long runs. His rushing efforts against Michigan will be missed. If he drops to the second round, the Browns better scoop him up. That would be a steal at that point.
  13. i think he will go to cleveland at the 5th pick because cleveland always picks up players that they don't need
  14. I agree with you fishstix. If he is around in the second round, which he will not be, I would love to see him in brown and orange. We have way bigger needs than a RB in the first round and even though he has a really high ceiling with his talent the injuries are just way to risky for the browns.

    I am guessing he will get drafted by a team who doesn't have huge holes in there defense and actually have a WR2 unlike the Browns. Plus Mangini is a D first kind of coach so I would look at us taking a different Buckeye, Jenkins, long before Wells.
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    He doesn't impress me, and the pros are definately going to question his durability.
  16. I hope Beanie does well in the NFL and I really think the only pivotal factor in that is whether he stays healthy. I think there is no doubt he can run the ball in the NFL when healthy. I know it is always great to see the Bucks players stay local with the Browns but I don't think the Browns will spend that high of a pick on a questionable pick (as far a health).

    I think the biggest lock for a high pick from the Bucks will be Jenkins. He will be a very good NFL player.
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    So are you!!!!:p
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    He's definitely not overrated. The only knock on him is his durability. From a skill standpoint he is by far the most talented RB in the country. My big question with Beanie is "does he actually love football"? Or is he just really that good at it?