Choosing Dog Breed, Need Opinions!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by MuskieJim, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Gentleman, about to buy my first house and I am planning on getting a new pup. I am really interested in a German Shorthair or Shorthair/Lab mix. Anyone own a GSH? I know they are very energetic and love to run, which is a good thing for me. I'd really like some opinions from people, rather than the internet websites I've been browsing. Thanks in advance!
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    I'm on my 3rd Brittney - None of them have been for hunting...

    They are very and I mean VERY loving dogs... If you spoil them right you'll never want to buy another breed of dog...

    They are full of life and energy and love to run... They are smart and listen to commands really well once they are taught. (as long as there isn't a bird/cat/dog around for them to bolt after)

    They are rather pricey but can be found 150$ a pup if you look hard enough.

  3. Have brittanys and a GSP. The brittanys are a little more high strung, the GSP is a little more hard headed. Both are very loving and affectionate. My biggest caution would be to have a tall fence, as all three of mine view the fence as merely a suggestion. They are content in their yard but if there is a squirrrel, cat or any other animal they think would be fun to play with on the other side they will be over the fence in a heartbeat. If you decide to get a GSP send me a PM and I will get you in contact with a very good breeder/trainer.
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    We have a GSP and we love him. He was a gift from a hunter. This guy is gun shy. Everything that makes him a bad hunting dog makes him a wonderful pet. I swear he will chase tennis balls until he dies. He is a very loving pet.

    I once remember hearing someone say you should own one bird dog in your life, they were right!
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    i have two brittanys, ill never own another breed
  6. I want to throw my two cents in.... if you like the energy of a GSP, then take a look at a Weimaraner. They are similar in size and stamina, but like mentioned by Bigun, they are hear headed sometimes. Our Weim is the the most loving and affectionate dog I have ever saw. She is smarter than most of the people I work with, very easy to train, and once she got passed the puppy stage she really settled down. If we are active, so is she, but if we just want to chill out and watch a movie, she just lays right next to us.

    All dogs have their good and bad and everyone has their own opinion.... We are all right, and we are all wrong on the same aspect. The choice is ultimately yours to make.... take all the suggestions with a grain of salt... I am sure no matter what breed you get, it will be a loving addition to your family.[​IMG]
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    I grew up with GSH's and Weimaraners (?), and I mix them up in my head, so some of this may not apply, but if I remember correctly, our Germans were intensly loyal to ONE person, an were a real handful when that person wasn't around (one picked my mom, one my dad). They need alot of room and attention, and as someone noted, are boneheaded stubborn. One of ours routinely bloodied itself trying to find my mom when she was at work. It would literally bang head into doors and try to break through windows. That one must've had psychological issues. Mom was a breeder and we had alot of different kinds over the years. I got one word for you: CORGI! (if you have to have a 'breed'- I really prefer mutts)
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    I just remembered we had also had a German Wire Haired pointer when I real little. That one tried to rape my brother, he still has trouble talking about it. Stay away from those.....
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    GSH usually get over the hard headedness after about 18 mo. In my experience, they seem like the dumbest dogs around, till one day, it all seems to come together. I'd ask the breeder to see the parents, especially if you're going to hunt it. Some lines of GSH's have a genetic pre-disposition to be succeptable to seizures. My personal favorite is English Setters. IMO, they have the best nose(too good some times, as they will cold trail, but if you want to follow, you usually aren't disappointed), have the levelest head, are affectionate, and seem to have a particuler love of children. If you would decide on an ES, try to find something in the Ghost Train or Night Train line. We have only taught the ones we've had their name, they seem to know everything else, sort of like they are being "trained by a ghost". The only downside to an ES, is their long hair, but only if you want to keep it indoors.
  11. I've had a Choc Lab for 11 years..The first years she chewed anything of wood. after that,she calmed down . Great companion , smart, easy to train, not the greatest of watchdogs - although most of the time she will bark when a strange car comes in the drive or a squirrel invades her turf. Good with bigger kids, good with strangers- if we teel her there ok she lays down and you wouldn't know she's in the house. She sheds a little to much for my wife.
    If I was getting a pup, I'd crate train her! When we go out, we tell Brownie "Kennel" and she heads for the garage, we open the door to the garage and she walkes in her cage and lays down. We give her a treat and lock the door and she's good until we return. Plus its easy to potty train them with a crate. She been trained with an invisible fence which works great to keep her in the yard. When nature calls, she walks to the front door, shakes her collar (which is full of dog tags and stuff) and we let her out. When shes ready to come in , she paws the door so we know she's there. Pretty low maint for us.
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    Thanks a lot guys, a lot of really good feedback.
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    i have a gsh and lab both are awesome dogs but my lab was a lot more destructive as a puppy but other than that i dont think you can go wrong either way
  14. I have an Australian Sheppard, Very Intelligent dog, very family orient. they are very high stung with plenty of energy, they are breed for herding. he was very easy to house train, and picks up on things very quick.
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    We have a Yellow Lab that I got off a member of this board three years ago they had nicknamed him SnowBall he was snow white as a pup, crate trained him the first year as we both work, has never been destructive, full of energy, can get a little rough with the Grandkids, now when we go to work he has full run of the house, fully house trained, sleeps in our bedroom in his own bed, a wonderful boat dog, keeping him in the boat and out of the water has been a chore but he has accepted the training and is a great truck dog, when I pay bills I always take him with me in the truck always in the backseat usually you never know he is there as he loves to ride and just stretches out in the back, kept me from hitting a herd of deer one morning up in Urbana started whining and carrying on when we turned the corner there they were I had slowed down trying to figure out what he was whining about, great dog to take on a walk as he is leashed trained using the Dog Whisper techniques, love that show............Doc
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    I had a GSP, she was my first dog. I would get another in a heatbeat. Great dog, with that being said I actually decided on a viszla when I picked my last pup. They seem to have all the great qualities and looks of a GSP in a slightly smaller package.

    Good Luck
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    Have two male black labs- 1 pure breed and the other lab-great dane mix. Both are gentle but bark when someone comes to the door or walks by. Thats what they should do. Try the shelter in your area, we got the mix there and he outshines the pure breed. Be ready for constint playing with a young dog, there like kids.
    Itfd596; that sure looks like the university of findlay logo, is it?
  18. It sure is.

    Class of 2000
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    Cool, know a couple profs that teach there. Where is leetonia?
  20. Jim, the two best dogs I've ever had have been 1/2 Siberian 1/2 shepherd. Not hunting dogs but great loyal companions. Both were female. The one I had growinf up hunted for herself and brought me a rabbit head every day. After I would look at it and tell her good girl she would eat that too. Great watch dog and all the other dogs seemed afraid of her. The one I have now fishes with me most of the time and loves my girls like they were all sisters.