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Chimney reline?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ocdfishguy, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. I have a free standing wood burning stove that was in my house when I bought it. The knuckel head that installed it ran a piece of tile out through the wall and built a cinder block chimney,hollow on the inside no tile.I am no expert but I know that this is not safe. I had a guy come out two years ago and he gave me a price to fix it. I just about had a stroke. With the price of natural gas going through the roof I think that it is time to do something with it. Cash is tight, Columbia gas just jacked my rates and we won't talk about the bill that I got from AEP. I had thought about buying the double wall pipe from Lowes and installing it my self but I have not figured out how to tie it in at the bottom, no access. Any of you members do this kind of work? Any advice would be a big help. Thanks in advance.
  2. I was told just last week that a double wall stainless steel liner pipe, installed was going for $30.00/foot. I do think it is a 25 year guarenteed product. Safety first when burning. Don't skimp on the pipe liner. If you are serious, know that you have to be dedicated to tending the stove consistently and fetching wood on a regular basis all winter.

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    Install a 90 degree elbow on a straight section and pop rivit it, lower it in add another straight pop rivit it and keep going till it lines up with your hole. Then take a section of triple wall and run thru the wall and push it in tight. Will be sturdy and safe.
  4. I've been looking into heating with wood this year and I'll probably have to rebuild an old masonry chimney or build a new one. Has all the parts you will need but they are more expensive than Lowe's. In their guides section they do have complete catalogs of their double wall products and they also have installation guides.

    In a through the wall application you can get by with a wall thimble, a connector section, a support bracket, a tee with cap, your straight sections, a cap, and a few brackets. It is not necessary to enclose the chimney in a chase but they look better and may draw better if they are covered. The advantage of the double layer pipe is that you can frame a chimney and enclose it in either vinyl, or plywood siding.
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    And put it against the added cost of heating the house. If you spend $500 getting it done, that's $100 extra for each month you could pay the heat bill with.

    Like going out and buying a $2,000 POS that gets good gas mileage- you've just blown $2,000 worth of gas. So much for the savings.

    If you can do it cheap- go for it.

    I have nothing else constructive to add to this thread.