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Child Support, College Tuition, and Cars!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ohiojmj, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Here's the best joke in town. I'm currently paying a four digit monthly child support for two kids. My oldest is 18 and she starts college in the fall. As child support will be cut in half when she finishes high school (in June), I offered to pay 1/2 the tuition/books/fees/other expenses plus help with down payment on her first car. In the midst of working out the college and car expenses, my X is behind my back taking me to court for a child support increase for the third time. The real problem is that the gravy train is coming to an end and my future hard earned dollars will go directly to my kids. I'd be surpised if 1/2 of the current support goes to my kids. I wouldn't wish this X on my worst enemy. Heck I feel sorry for her current husband.

    Bottom line is no joke and I take supporting my kids seriosuly. I'm going to have to reduce my contribution toward college for every dollar that the greed based support increase brings. One must draw the line somewhere, and four digits per month is where I've drawn it.

    Any and all comments appreciated!
  2. Dang dude. Thats sucks. But, I'm broke too. My money just goes to other stuff. Sounds like you're a good responsible dad. Also sounds like your X wife needs taken care of.

  3. Once your daughter is an "adult" why deal w/ x can pay half tuition, etc. w/o running it through x's fingers - and you are under no legal obligation to do so. As per tuition savings for your son - open an ohio college advantage account - its in your name for his educational least get a tax break out of it - may take some of the sting out of the x's extortion. Look on the bright side- once your son is 18 you can have MINIMAL contact w/ X
  4. As a child support payer, there is a loophole in the X's favor for childern once they turn 18 and are planning to go to college. I believe, you can still be required to pay support until the child reaches either 21 or 25 so long as they are enrolled in college. Not that I would support doing anything unethical that might hurt ones X's financial planning for the next couple years (I'm sure skipping a planned vacation would be a brutal toture for her to endure), but what would happen if said child were to announce that she had decided to not go to college but would prefer to work and save money for the time being.... Once said support order is dropped on the child, she just so happened to have enough money to persue her higher education??? She could decide to take you back to court at that time to get the support order re-instated, but hey watching her pay attorneys fees out of her pocket (twice), might just be enjoyable in a sadistic kinda way. ;) Just a little food for thought...

  5. wish I would have known that a few years ago. I could still have my dad paying what little he did for some things and maybe I wouldn't have to work 40 or more hours a week to pay for things :mad:
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    A guy i use to work with paid $1000.00 a month for one kid....his ex is selfemployed and makes up her income to be low....his daughter is only 5...only 13 yrs to go
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    Indeed, some states have passed legislation to do just that. However, Ohio is not one of them. There is no loophole to force a parent to pay college tution. The states that do have the law in place DO NOT consider the non-custodian parent's input in college selection either. For example, if your child wanted to attend an Ivy league school were the tution was 50k/yr. and your income could support 50% of the cost you'd more than likely would have to pay. Connecticut is one of the states that have the law in place for sure.
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    I know what you are saying about ex's. My ex once told me that the child support i pay shold be enough to pay for all her bills. No it is to support my child, not pay everything. Some ex's are nuts and greedy! I just got the riot act after my ex found out I claimed my daughter on my tax's. She says that I knew she was claiming her. I was like cry about it. She is like we need that money more than you. Now her husband has 3 kids from before and one with her plus mine living with them. Now tell me they don't get a bunch of money back already. She told me it was not about the money. I was like if it is not about the money then why are you complaining? Of course she had no good answer for that. So now I can see her wanting to take me back to get more. I mean without her working and her husband quiting his job, they already have to be living off us working folks, so they might as well make a little more directly off me! :mad:
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    Since my son lives with me 6 mon out of the year and I pay her support the other 6 months then I get to claim him at tax time - it's written right in the divorce papers otherwise I'd be fighting that battle also.

    Of all the guys I know with X's, Ohiojmj's has proven to be the biggest PITA. She is relentless in her desire to put the screws to him and he has been more generous than anyone I know as far as helping that dingaling out.
  10. Indeed it seems I stand corrected.

    From the Ohio CSEA website:

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    Been there...done that! But payed anyway, because it was the right thing to do. I think :D
  12. Wow...I can't believe I have never considered getting married and having kids.

    It sounds like SO much fun.........
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    i wouldnt trade my kids for all the money in the world...iv not had to do the whole big D or the support payments but i think most feel the same way