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  1. MY GOD DO THEY SUCK! Anyway I went out to rest haven on Sunday good fishing in Pond 8, but for the second time I got Chiggers really bad! am I the only one?
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    never, i do a lot of hunting at resthaven and spent a summer on kelly's is. did you wear bug spray? good idea with ticks and chiggers around. i am not allergic to poison ivy either though.

  3. You're not the only one! I won't forget the bug spray next time.

  4. I got them too. Went to rest haven a couple weeks ago but stopped at a few other places too up there. Wasn't exactly sure where I got them from.....till now. Had/have about 10 bites from the my waist down. After better than 2 weeks they are finally starting to go away. OMG THE ITCH!!!!
  5. One way to kiil them Quick even though it smarts a little is touch the the welt with a lit cigarette.[I said it smarts a little]One more thing that works is to take the little scab off of the bite and cover the area with some of mamas fingernail polish.Yeah this amarts a little too.:D
  6. The easy less painful way to treat Chigger bites is to put some clear finger nail polish on them. It will stop the itching.

  7. Note to self.....never let Larry to any Doctoring on me.LOL
  8. I use pink gives me a little color and the girls like it:) :)
  9. Ya I forgot the Bug spray at home knowing damn well I got them there the first time but I was like I'm only going to fish a few spots and not walk all the way around pond 8. At least this time I have less than 20 the first time I got a good 60-100 no joke!
  10. Randy,Tell you what I'll do just for you..I will only charge you half price for a minor little burn.Hell I won't even look!!!:D
  11. Tying your pantslegs around your leg or boot really snug and spraying around the edge with deet will keep those buggers out. When its not too hot I go a step further and tuck my shirt in , that helps. Yall probably already know that but just in case someone dont.
  12. By the time you know you have chiggers, they're alreay dead or gone (can't remember which). There's nothing you can do to "treat" them, other than help the itching.

  13. This won't always work? When I was in the Army in Texas we would go out for training and I got them really bad during one exercise, and I was locked up pant's tucked in boots, shirt tucked in and still got them my body looked like a chigger road map.
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    When i go out to the Darby Bends i get them. I dont bother with the bug spray. I just deal with the bugs. Bites dont really bother me. But they drive my dad nuts.

    their (Chiggers) little bugs that dig into your skin, spit into your skin to make the tissue liquid and then drink it, they fill up, fall out and lay eggs.
  15. I have used the fingernail polish remedy before as well. I used to help at a 4H camp and several of the boys came down with them. You should have seen some of the colors the girls came up with to treat the guys. It was pretty cool.
  16. yep, youre right shadowolf....but it depends on just how much exposure to them you get while in the bushes or woods. For a fishing trip or just hiking thru the woods tying around your legs and tucking your shirt in with deet at the seams is usually enough but they can still get in sleeve and neck holes in shirts, I would use the deet pretty heavily on the top half. If you do some really serious time in the woods and have a lot of exposure they may still find a way in eventually.
  17. i fished pond 8 and 10 back in June, and a couple days later, i had around 30 GIANT welts (quarter sized) all over my back, and upper legs, and a few on my ankles... and i loaded up with sportsamns insect repellent with 40% deet... itched liked hell and i would have to put hydrocortizone cream (anti- itch cream) on them to get them to stop. I too had them for about 2 weeks...

  18. Well this sucks I really liked rest haven I did well there the two times I went but the Chiggers will keep me away for a long time lol....
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    the best way to git r done fast is take a bath in clorox water! make sure u keep the spot they are under water most of the time. DONT SIT IN THE GRASS!
  20. Hey Erie Rebel-I hear trepanning the skull and a little bloodletting works also.

    :D :D :D