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    Anyone out there raise chickens? Our kids bought me a dozen fertile eggs and an incubator for christmas. From what I have read, 50% will be roosters. I understand roosters fight so my questions are. How old do they have to be before they start fighting and how soon do they have to be till you can tell the difference between the sexes? I guess we will just eat the roosters till I am left with one. Anyone have any ideas what to do with the roosters we don't want if I deside not to butcher them. I can't seem to find these answers on the net. And since I have your attention anyone know anyone in the Suffield area that I could get in touch with to see what they have set up for a chicken coop? Thanks John
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    Here ya go! This is the only thing that I know about chicken LOL:D

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  3. dont know much but you will only want 1 rooster and the dam things will eat anything!!!
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    you can sex chickens pretty much just after birth. (((watch dirty jobs)))
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    after birth about 3 days old is the only way to sex a chick.... unless there is some way to put the egg up to a light and sex them that way I dont know
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    I would wait until they are atleast 18 !:p
  7. The birds will fight, but a lot depend upon what breed the bird is.
    If it a true Game chicken , they will fight to the end.
    If it is a barnyard type chicken, they will fight just enough to get a pecking order aligned.