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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NewbreedFishing, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. NewbreedFishing

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    anyone have experience with the Colorado series of truck?
    been wanting to check them out
  2. We have two of them at work. One is whatever the first year was and the other is an 07. They are ok for what they are but they are not a full sized or "full duty" truck. The older one has been in and out of the shop for various engine issues, the newer one (15,000 miles) has a vibration that seems to be wheel/tire related and is probably from rough use. All of our vehicles are worked fairly hard and mauld be considered abused by some The feel is kind of cheap and cheezy, but they seem prety good if you need a midsized light duty truck.



    check on the history of it if u are looking to buy one. i work at a gm dealership and cant remember if it was the canyon or the colorado but one of them had a problem with water getting into the inside and filling up the floorboards.this was a few yrs back and i havent had to fix any lately
  4. Gm Bring Back The S-10 Please
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    Bought one this past January 07 Colorado Ext cab Z71 3.7 liter 5 cylinder.
    I think Chevrolet made a terrible mistake by not putting a 6 cyl in these trucks. I feel it lacks power badly! It runs at very high rpms compared to say an S10 or Trailblazer which has the 6 cyl. The gas mileage is awful 18 hwy about 14 mpg on short trips.My full size Silverado will get 17 mpg with a 350 V8.

    I do like the look of the truck and the ride and handleing are good and in the first 8,000 I've had no problems.
    I have pulled my 19ft Champion around a little with it,does alright except the hills dog it pretty hard.I'll keep the full size to tow with.
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    It isn't worth what they are charging for it. I feel it is overpriced for what you get. I liked the S-10's alot more
  7. The 3.7L inline 5 has 242-hp @ 5,600 rpm and 242 lbs.-ft. torque @ 2,800 rpm those are some impressive numbers for and engine that small. I wouldnt worry about it running at higher rpm's thats just the way its geared. I dont think any truck is worth that much though.
  8. overpriced and bad gas mileage.........but i guess that's just the standard features in any US made vehicle/brand.......unfortunate but true
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    Tow capacity pales in comparison to the v6 s10's. I had a Sonoma crew, checked out the colorado/canyon when I was ready for a new truck, and didn't like it as much as my sonoma. As a result, wen't up to a full size (Silverado) and absolutely love it.
  10. !% :cool: ;)

    My family owns S10s like its going out of business. Both of my bros own one and i have a project truck. Some of the greatest trucks I have used.
  11. I have a 03' full size ext cab 4wd, love it.

    sure would like to have one of dem perty new ones they just came out with but i ain't paying $38k for no truck!

    unless i win the mega-millions then i'll have one of every color lol
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    Mitch, if you're doing any amount of regular towing you'd be far better off going with a full size in a stripped down Work Truck version to save on all the frills. Way better bang for the buck.

    Otherwise the best bet for a small pickup is Toyota, period.
  13. Pike


    Check out the full sized trucks, you should be able to get a pretty good deal this time of year on a new 2007.

  14. ShakeDown

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    0% APR for 60 mos on Silverado's right now...
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    From what I was told by a buddy there was a few of them that got out the door with tire problems and the only way to find out is to own one and drive it a few thousand miles. However GM was backing this up and replacing the tires.

  16. watch for the sales coming up, the dearlerships are going to start liquidating there vehicles for the 2008 lineups and u should get one heck of a deal on a 2007 model, if u get a gm discount try not to mention it to them till u wheel and deal, if they ask ull have to tell them and then ur stuck at this price cause they wont budge. but like the rest have said u can get a full size truck for the price of a nicely equiped rado.
  17. Kyfisherman1


    I run an autobody/repair center and I'll say that the coloado or canyon is one of the cheapest put together trucks I've ever dealt with. They are extremely flimsy, and they roar while driving and thats the way their suposed to sound... Don't like the way they drive, don't like the way they ride... I had one for a while and never will again........ Just don't like them..

    Had one guy come in who had hit a deer, did not even so much as touch the frame, deer hit high into the radiator support, and the frame of the truck was twisted clear back under the cab, not that you could tell from the outside, but it still required framework, it's pathetic.
  18. I have an 05 Colorado Ext. cab Z71 with the 3.5L 5 cylinder and I love it. It has 40000 miles and I have had no problems yet. I also disagree with the people saying it gets bad gas mileage. I get 19-22 depending on how much highway driving I do which is pretty good compared to the 4.3L in the S-10 or the Rangers and Dakotas. I tow my little boat with it and it does just fine. Also in 08 they are putting stiffer springs in the rear and bumping the towing capacity to 5500 pounds.